PSP2: How Far Will Great Specs Get Sony? writes "The PSP2 is due to be announced in two days (January 27th) and a lot of stuff is leaking about it having 3G and an OLED touch screen. Plus we’ve heard ramblings about it being pretty powerful. All this sounds great, but how far will great specs get Sony?"

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Pixel_Enemy3729d ago

I have had enough of these criticizing PSP2 articles.. I am ready to spend $200- $250 on this handheld right now. Unveil it already and my cash is yours!

DeFFeR3729d ago

My only complaint - How in the world doesn't this ship with 3G AND 4G capabilities?

Sure, games may not utilize the 4G until the spread of the towers and equipment is more vast, but to have that ability would drastically increase it's marketability and technological lifetime.

ONLY complaint. This is similar (...kinda) to the 360 including the DVD instead of HD format disc drive. Old tech doesn't belong in "cutting edge" new products.

Nathaniel_Drake3729d ago

ONLY complaint. This is similar (...kinda) to the 360 including the DVD instead of HD format disc drive. Old tech doesn't belong in "cutting edge" new products

Well the 3DS doesn't have 4G, so there really isn't any competition, to push Sony to include this. The PSP will still be the best in this situation.

TreMillz3729d ago

simple 360 isnt cutting edge technology hence y its still using dvd

DeFFeR3729d ago

The fact that the 3DS doesn't have 4G is exactly why the PSP2 SHOULD have it. The technology is there (much like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray were available when MS produced the 360).

Separate itself from the competition.

EYEamNUMBER13729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"I am ready to spend $200- $250"
come on now lets get real here that price is nothing but a dream

Ju3729d ago

Seeing a Moto Xoom for $699 and possibly a PSP2 toping those specs $250 can only be possible with some sort of a contract. Maybe that's why they included 3G. Using it as a feature and to subsidize cost. $600 without (maybe that sound pessimistic, but I don't know why a Samsung Tab costs that much either).

WhiteNoise3729d ago

The PSP sold for like $399 on launch day...

$250 is B.S. You'd be lucky to get one for under $500 for the first 6 months.

Or you could just get a second job to pay for one ;)

Masterchef20073729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Do a little bit of research before stating those facts..

"PSP would go on sale in North America on March 24, 2005, in one configuration for a MSRP of US$249/CA$299."

firefoxprime3729d ago

Uhh....which country are "you" from?

Because I remember the psp selling for $250USD.

WhiteNoise3729d ago


I don't care what the RRP is , shops were selling them for much much higher than that for a long time. The PSP go sold for $250 when it launch ffs...a rehash....for $250...

Hairy Chewie3729d ago

Pretty sure it launched for $400 in Australia. I'd pay that again for the PSP2 as long as it's got two nubs and a touch screen.

kulex473729d ago

White Noise, I don't know what country your from but I bought the Original PSP 1000 and was there at GameStop at midnight and would have slapped the zit faced teenager if he'd said anything like 400 bucks, it was 249...

Perkel3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

And starting pracie for Ps2 was 299 in 2000.

Starting price for ps3 was 599$ so i think it'll be 499 or 450$.

If it would come with phone i would sell my iphone for new PSP2

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scofios3729d ago

It isn't even official announced yet , why all that hate ? at least hold your horsess till you see the thing in action .

HolyOrangeCows3729d ago

I can't believe that we're STILL seeing all of these articles based off of the rumors. Random "INZIDER SAUCE!" #530948765807645 says that the PSP2 will be as powerful as the PS3, and these morons believe it?

It was a random lie to get hits to a small, uninteresting game site. And now it has exploded into this.

lil Titan3729d ago

Criticism happens to all great people and products. Funny how i dont remember any for 360, so what does that say?

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Wildarmsjecht3729d ago

How far will great specs get Sony?

Dunno. What have they confirmed so far? Nothing? Really? I could've been fooled with the amount of articles on the subject thus far.

I'll wait a couple of days and get my info then.

JoeReno3729d ago

Smart man. I guess the 99¢ store is selling crystal balls now-a-days the way every one is seeing into the future.

ApocalypseShadow3729d ago

FAR enough to get ME to buy it.

is that FAR enough?

WhiteNoise3729d ago

If the PSP and PS3 are anything to go by, they will get Sony in the red for the first few years then they will still be in second place to Nintendo; in both the home console and handheld.

It must be tiring constantly copying Nintendo tech to try and stay relevant.


ugabugaz3729d ago

This is what I want from the PSP2.
1) A really beutiful exterior (Think Fat PS3, Original PSP, I love how they both look)

2)OLED screen with a decently high enough resolution

3) Two sticks

You got my money.
I still have my PSP-1000 in pristine condition.

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