Gameroni: Top 21 in 2010 - 10) Just Cause 2

2010 was a busy year and it saw the release of a bunch of great games. Staff and regular freelance contributors at Gameroni had the opportunity to play a wide variety of titles over the past 12 months and together we've compiled a list of 21 of our favorite games from the period. These are the ones that had the biggest impact on us, not necessarily the industry as a whole. We're sharing that list with you now, one title per day over a period of three weeks. Though there's only a loose order to this list, in general you can know that we liked games more as we work toward the number one selection.

Mike Suskie writes: "You have a grappling hook with hundreds of feet of retractable cable. You have an unlimited supply of parachutes. You can hijack any vehicle, up to and including commercial airliners. Your primary objective is to destroy Panau’s infrastructure, which is accomplished by blowing up everything. Just Cause 2 doesn’t have much of a story to tell, and its basic gunplay, wit...

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