Dead Space 2 Offers Free 2-Day Trial Pass for Multiplayer

If you end up purchasing a used copy of Dead Space 2 later this week, there’s a big chance that the online pass for accessing the multiplayer portion of the game is used already.

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admiralvic3731d ago

While I'm not a fan of the pass systems on used games, I am very happy you have the choice to see if its up your ally. Also the offline plat only sweetens the deal.

N311V3731d ago

So they're actually goind through with this. So for example only one PSN account can play online when the game is purchased new? Additional accounts and purchasing second hand will require the $9.99 (probably $15 in Australia)?

Blaze9293730d ago

I don't know how the DRM is on the PS3, but for the 360 - whatever is downloaded from Marketplace is tied to that system so an unlimited number of accounts can play online, as long as it's on the same system it was downloaded from.

I would imagine it to be the same on the PS3 with the EA Pass. Download it to the system, it's tied to system, any accounts can use it - on that system.

What's screwed up though IMO is the fact that if you have multiple consoles, family members in the same house, etc. you have to buy a online pass just for them to play the game even though it's still yours and in the same damn house.

Luckily, again, there is a way around that - on the 360 - if you're smart ;)

gamingdroid3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

People complain about Activision, but this Online Pass thing is far more insidious to gamers.

You are now limited to having one person/console able to play online ever unless you fork up. Looks like I will not be buying this game even though I rarely play online these days.

What I find interesting is there is almost nobody is complaining, yet a story about Activision comes up and they are like the coming of the devil!

funkycoldmedina3730d ago

I'm in agreement with your view. Seems like a last minute "oh by the way" shady move that would have some impact on pre-orders if such information was released earlier. I just canceled my pre-order from Amazon. I was planning on sharing this game with brothers, but if MP's tied to one PSN then not worth $60 for a 10 hr SP game (based on users comments on here whom got the game early).

I'm sure it's a good game, but if UC2 would have pulled such a move the gamer press would have been all over it (multi-plat forgiveness?). This is the kind of thing I dislike and will not support with my money at full retail price. I can wait for it to drop in price which probably won't take long like most 3rd party games do these days.

Soldierone3730d ago

I dont understand how EA are bad guys in this. They deserve a portion of the sales Gamestop and other locations get for selling their game used. It was Gamestop that refused to work a deal out to offer this solution.

Granted both sides are guilty of greed, but still. Used games are like sharing music for free online, and look where that got people.

Either way Dead Space 2 has a fun and exciting online, but not having it isn't game breaking.

I just think these should be tied to systems, not accounts.So you can transfer it to more than once console in your household. Or at least offer more than one activation by calling a number.

MightyMark4273730d ago

Yep yep! It's only tied in one account

showtimefolks3730d ago

will kick off a great year and month

dead space 2 was delayed into February right?

Dc universe online
and Ds2 was suppose to be in January but great start for 2011

keep it rolling

Christopher3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

2-day pass is kind of useless, IMHO. Should be at least one week. Or, they could do what the Homefront guys are doing and that is allowed unlimited online but cap the levels you can achieve for online gameplay. Or, if no levels, they could have limited online play to a single map for each game mode.

At least this is just for used copies, meaning I won't have to worry about this.

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