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LittleBigPlanet 2 (LBP2) is a puzzle-platforming game for PlayStation 3 with new built-in functionality allowing players to create advanced content, including full-fledged games of all sorts, which can be shared with others within theLittleBigPlanet online network.

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chaosatom3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

From the article:
"Thirty levels may sound like alot, but most are short and many lack substance aside from being gorgeous. I guess it's par for the course in this day and age of gaming but you can breeze through the single player in just a few hours."

The whole point of the game is to create and play other levels, which is what this guy is missing!!!!!!!!!

The GAME can never be finished and therefore cannot be legitimately be reviewed properly.

Bathyj3730d ago

No, 30 doesn't sound like alot.

3.5 MILLION sounds like alot though.

How dare they site lack of content as a minus?

fooltheman3730d ago

hmm and I found that the levels have more depth than the first...
the gameplay has definitely improved..

Biggest3730d ago

Questionable is an understatement.

poe3730d ago

I took this review from this site. On the website they dont give it a score so I put 79. I havent actually played Little Big pLnaet but its probably about a 79.

Bathyj3730d ago


Thats the sound of me rolling my eyes and throwing my hands up in disgust.

Jesus tap dancing Christ.

So now we've gone from people barely playing a game giving a score to people NOT playing a game, giving a score.

Is anyone else seeing something fundementally wrong with this process?

Are you all hearing this?

Studio-YaMi3730d ago

So after all the 10's and 9's,we get 8's and 7's ?
something is not right here...

not that 8 or 7 is bad,but LBP2 is FAR from it,it's like games within a game,and that's a big leap from the first one which also had awesome reviews.

in other words
*points @ attackofthefanboy*
this review is not fair

NoobSessions3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Some people may not just like LBP2 as others do. You have to live with people's different opinions in life, so you have learn to deal with it.

That is all~

Studio-YaMi3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

If they didn't like it
why review it then ? that's just stupid dude

it's like that other dude who hated JRPGs yet he reviewed one of them (forgot what it was) and gave it a 3/10 ! when he actually admits in the review that he "hates" JRPGs.

So there is no sense in your statement at all

in other words,what am trying to say is :
Reviewing a game shouldn't be based on weather I like it or not,it should be reviewed for it's content,pros&cons.

NoobSessions3730d ago

However, all reviews are subjective. You cant grade that the racing of a racing game is great if you cant enjoy it, and based it off what it probably would get. You're supposed to review the game to what you see fit, not as if you were another reviewer who likes the game.

I see your point in getting the objective facts on the game, but still a review is more on just objective facts, its subjective as well, or else it'd just be an overview.

A review is still credbile if you don't like the genre or game to begin with as well, because it can point out flaws or cons that other reviewers wouldn't. The readers who share the same general mindset as the reviewer will relate better.

So you cant just have a game reviews by people who would like it anyway, you have to have a mixture of all reviewers, just like there is people.

evrfighter3730d ago

If they didn't like it
why review it then ? that's just stupid dude

If you didn't like the score then why pay any attention to it?

Studio-YaMi3730d ago

@ NoobSessions
makes sense,but I would still prefer that reviewers concentrate on how good is the quality of the product instead of judging it by how they liked it or not.

But I see your point,thank you

@ evrfighter
you're an xbot,all the people on this site knows how much your fanboyism reeks in this place,so why don't take a "U turn",take you're fanboy tush with you and get off my back :) ?

Focker4203730d ago

Give me 5 minutes with these guys in create mode and I will blow their freakin minds.

On a side note look up Super Sack at some point tomorrow. We'll be publishing it in the morning. Its a super advanced sackbot that is by far better than any of the ones currently out there. Trust me.

awesomeperson3730d ago

Super sack eh?

We'll see how super frigin awesome it is tommorow, if I can remember I'll search for it.

I wonder what the quality of the community levels will be like in 6 months time though :o

rmedtx8883730d ago

It is obvious that that site wants to attract traffic. I have played the game and no one will tell me that this game can get less than a 9 out of 10. Yeah, it's that good!
Don't indulge these people by visiting their site.