More Avatar Options Coming to PlayStation Network

PSBlog: Thirsting for more PSN Avatar options? We hear you! With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be unleashing a flood of new avatars for Tron: Evolution, Hoard, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Check them out below and be sure to pick up your favorites in the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

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VenomProject3735d ago

Woot, love the RDR and Brotherhood avatars.

Serjikal_Strike3735d ago

anyone else here receive the code from playstation network that gives you 6 new select avatars...including kratos,new cole,sackboy, helghast,ratchet and mod nation racer??
plus a premium theme..
the select kratos avatar is sweet..

spunnups3735d ago

What is this code you speak of?

TANUKI3735d ago

Could be a PS+ thing. I didn't get one.

M-Easy3735d ago

You get those for being in the PlayStation rewards beta.

Mmmkay3735d ago

us only. everyone will get them eventually...

I_find_it_funny3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


I wonder if homebrew can do it, lmao.

I don't care about stupid faces from game, it's retarted. Give me football clubs logos.

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slutface3735d ago

i update my avatar once a week on the psn store 8)

Hudahudahuda3735d ago

I see a distinct lack of GOW and Fallout avatars.

Deathstroke3735d ago

I'd rather have avatars from good games like GoW3 & MGS4.

Hazmat133735d ago

i still want a custom avatar. thats why i liked XboxLive i cool lil cartoon avatar thing. besides we need more Uncharted3 avatars! lol

N311V3735d ago

PS3 avatars suck in my opinion, they're just a picture. I agree Xbox's avatars are much better.

Mmmkay3735d ago

except for the gay hip thing!

sp1deynut3735d ago

...I love the 360 avatars. I remember when MS first announced them, people were like "oh boy, MS ripping off the Wii Mii". But anyone who has a 360 knows they blow away the Miis in every way imaginable. Not to mention, MS keeps improving the look, and adding more features and uses for them.

dragon823735d ago

I have a 360 and they are still a Mii rip-off.

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The story is too old to be commented.