Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review [Game Revolution]

"If EA had bundled a PS3 version of Mass Effect along with Mass Effect 2, this might have been the easiest 'A' I've ever given." ~ Nick Tan

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samurailincoln3735d ago

Too bad the comic doesn't do it 1 justice. Guess I'm gonna have to play through it after all.

The_Zeitgeist3735d ago

I thought it was decent. It made me understand what was going on.

ddurand13735d ago

If I had an xbox I would definitely play through the first one. not sure why you wouldnt?

samurailincoln3734d ago

It's a time issue. RPGs can eat up a lot of your life quick.

Volpone3735d ago

Cool to hear this made the transition mostly unscathed.

The_Zeitgeist3735d ago

I just got this in the mail today!!!

Deathstroke3735d ago

So the xbots are still butthurt over losing ME2? lol

"B-b-b-but you need the first game :("

I thought by now they would've gotten over it. This was bigger than the FF13 uproar (and not just because FF13 sucked).

Kon3735d ago

You don't need the first game. But is obvious that the comic don't cover all the history of ME1. If you want to fully enjoy the game i suggest you play the first.

The real killer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

The first one was a mess (frame rate problems/grafischs hicups) no thank you. No story needed.

Storyline is allready in part 2.


Those re-reviews are just hype nothinmg more, nothing innovates or improving gracichs over the first one, oke a little bit.

Sure, i get those disagree's, new and better game get lower scores than a old game that first came on the 360 and whole year later to the PS3 and yet get this game higher score.

hoops3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

@Real Killer

Real Killer if ME1 was a PS3 exclusive you would be all over it like a $2 crack whore vying to cure her jones by blowing Bill Clinton in the back of a 1972 Blue Chevy pickup...
English...not ENGRISH please.

30sec3735d ago

You need to read the books then, not play the first game. But of course, that little piece of info is omitted by the "YOU HAVE TO PLAY ME1!" crowd.

insertcoin3735d ago

Well, considering that one of the main draws of Mass Effect 2 as a franchise is that decisions carry over, the Xbox 360 versions are more authentic to its core principles. But this PS3 version is certainly got the bang for its buck with all the included DLC. Not a bad way to entice newcomers to an awesome series. The more people who play it, the better.

BryanBegins3735d ago

On top of that, it is actually cheaper to buy Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox360 and the 3 DLCs included on the PS3 version ($20+around $20 for the DLCs). So yes, even though I prefer playing on my ps3, Mass Effect is a franchise I'll enjoy on the 360.

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