The Best Video Game Costume & Character Design Of 2010

Kotaku : Just like our picks from 2009, which included Bayonetta, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Muramasa: The Demon Blade, these aren't the games with the best graphics or the boldest moves forward in fashion. They're games with great characters, complex and simple, pretty and ugly, evil and adorable. I considered games released in any territory in the past calendar year, not just North American releases.

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dukenukemisyourgod3734d ago

mass effect=worst artstyle ever

HungryGoku3734d ago

Game is overated everything about it so meh. If you like it cool but dont do the whole its the "best game ever created" not even close.

ChrisW3734d ago

I suppose your only saying it has the worst because of Miranda in ME2... Hillary Clinton looks better than her!

duplissi3733d ago

i respectfully disagree.

there have been few games that have had me so engrossed in them as mass effect. the character designs, story, and the massive amounts of history and encyclopedia-like descriptions of anything and everything in the mass effect universe shows an immense dedication and attention to detail.

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ThanatosDMC3733d ago

High res graphics of ME2 on PC looks great especially the aliens.