2010 Sucked: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Got Handheld GOTY?

For his Monthly Musing, The Silent Protagonist discusses his annoyance that God of War: Ghost of Sparta was so beloved by so many people. Agree? Disagree?

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SnakeMustDie2826d ago

Peace Walker should have won it

solidsnake2222826d ago

Without a doubt, masterpiece vs button masher.

VenomProject2826d ago

Peace Walker was good, but it was no masterpiece.

hiredhelp2826d ago

There 2 very differnt games. ive played both. but visually this game did stand out from all. it really blew me away that after all these years they actually show a game with graphics like that.

MG. was a good game it had all the bits that made mg. i dont always go for these GOTY things as teres alot of games that each are good but very differnt.

kungfuian2826d ago

I personally loved Ghost of Sparta. Really really great game. IMO it was better than GOW3 in many ways.

Game of the year is so subjective it's silly to argue about. In reality there are many many games that are deserving of this title and picking just one is like picking water or air.

Plus tastes vary so much, ask my six year old and the game of the year was eyepet, lol. Simpley put, if you don't like their pick, then pick your own and get over it!

showtimefolks2826d ago

it was average year for me personally

god of war 3
3 d dot
yakuza 3
splinter cell
red dead
new vegas(i got this in 2011)

after that for me it was gt5

but 2011 looks to change that but to many others 2010 was also a great year so i think it comes down to taste

Rainstorm812826d ago

Mass Effect 2 was one of those early games but it DOES seem like last year's best came early on.

mightyboot2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Peace Walker is a much more complete game with great multiplayer functions and alot of replayability.

I think even KH: Birth by Sleep was a superior game than GOW : Ghost of Sparta. Its not that GOW doesnt deserve it but its simply not fair when 2010 was probably PSP1´s best year.

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