NBA 2K11: Overrated

NBA 2K11 has been up for various sports game of the year awards and has also been regarded as the best 2K Sports game since ESPN NFL 2K5 (bleh). That's high praise from the sports gaming community but unfortunately it's completely unfounded based on journalists' need to crown one NBA game the winner this year. And since there really wasn't much competition, NBA 2K11 won by default. Unfortunately, just by winning this meaningless "competition," this game was launched into a similar sphere at NHL 11 and MLB The Show 10 both of which are completely ridiculous. NBA 2K11 is one of the most overrated games I've ever seen.

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kaveti66163731d ago

Yeah, I agree. Not many review sites pointed out that the servers are complete crap, that hacking of personal players to raise their levels to overall 99 (or 95, I don't remember which) is so rampant that in nearly every game that a player is lucky to connect to will be filled with cheaters.

And you can easily find the youtube videos that show you how to give your player millions upon millions of experience points in 5 minutes using a USB so that you can max out your player skills.

Three of my friends have the game and cannot get connected into a game until around 1am in the morning. We live in California and have been told by other players of the game that people living in England have much better luck.

The developers have done nothing to fix this games very serious problems.

I understand that they loved the gameplay and other features but this game is not that great, especially if a very important component of it is completely broken.

I wouldn't give this game an 8 or even a 7 or 6. It's a 5/10 game at most because the half of the game that is single player is excellent, whereas the half concerned with online is completely broken.

People shouldn't support 2K Sports game or EA sports games, but every year they buy them because they don't play games all that much so for them even a mediocre experience seems excellent.

MintBerryCrunch3731d ago

i tried to just get a quick game in and have fun...the game is very punishing imo...very hard to get into and i didnt get any tutorials when i got thrown into the '91 finals game

BlazeCP33730d ago

you are a retard... a 5/10? clearly you are an EA sports fanboy... yes the servers can be a pain but besides the online aspects of the game which only malfunction a portion of the time the game is PERFECT

kaveti66163730d ago

That's the best you could come up with? Label me a EA sports fanboy and call me a retard? Son, I wouldn't doubt that your mother drank a little while you were in the womb, but that does not excuse your lashing out. I am pointing out the truth of my experience with the game.

The game has very limited support from the developer. The developer refuses to address the hacking issues which have made the online portion a cheatfest. The servers are complete crap.

The additional content is not enough to propel this game to any level of greatness. It is an average, mediocre sports game that is only incrementally better than its predecessor.

Admit that it sucks. I don't care if you love basketball so much that you would toot Jordan and Bryant at once if you could. The game is crap.

It also has a persistent freezing issue that occurs after something as trivial as editing your player profile.

BlazeCP33730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I actually cannot believe this article

KillahCam3730d ago

I have to agree the online servers are horrible they got away with it in 2K10 but not this time I bought the game but took it back after 2 weeks, 2K has to get dedicated servers.

BlazeCP33730d ago

this article was a complete joke. you can clearly tell when someone is trying to point out ridiculous mistakes to make themselves seem smart.

Because there was so not other basketball game on the market this year (NBA ELITE) everyone thought NBA 2K11 was amazing? LOL did you see NBA ELITE?! if that garbage had released you would have been saying how it was one of the worst sports games of all time.

So because you personally only want to see Jordan's final shot it means everyone does? How about for the millions of people who actually watch basketball? Who might actually be enthralled by seeing and being able to to relive some of Jordan's amazing move after move. Jumpshots, dunks, crossovers, layups, the passing... you truly get to feel how good Jordan was while playing this mode. If its too easy for you? Put the difficulty up. Anyways, noone is forcing you to play this mode. THe game is full of other great modes.

You are taking a specific situation to say that the Association mode is broken? 2K11 has the deepest association mode for any basketball ever. Thats that. Anthony Randolph became unhappy? Was this possibly because you were losing? Because his 17 ppg wasnt actually good because you arent a skilled 2k player? How about the fact that you say

" I'm not going to continue a franchise if one random event blows up my team. Ain't gonna happen. Especially if there's nothing in my power I can do to fix it.".............. Even though when making a new assocation mode you have the option to turn TEAM CHEMISTRY on or off? And for the many associations i have made, all the moves and personalities make sense.

"The dunks still feel underwhelming and not happening nearly enough." LOL. You sound like a noob. You play against the computer or other people? Against the computer on the basic difficulty you should be able to get dunks at any point and depending on who yuo face it should not be that hard either. Clearly you lack basic skill.

"Crossovers are basically useless in the game and impossible to figure out how to do on default control"...... How come I can cross people over with MIke Conley? Not even a top 10 pg... cross them over and go to the hole... pull a 3... throw a dime... and you cant with chris paul? I think this speaks more to you not being able to use a tutorial as opposed to the gameplay of 2K11 not being solid...

"I even looked through the instruction manual to find out for chrissakes. Wasn't there. Maybe I just missed something but I sincerely doubt it." LOL NO IM PREE SURE YOU DID MISS EVERYTHING THIS GAME HAD TO OFFER

You mention playing lockdown D? You hold the L trigger and it turns on lockdown D but for the most part when noobs such as yourself play the game I doubt you would notice it. Its not like in 2k10 where you held the button and didnt have to play D. You actually have to react to your man dribbling and cutting off the angles and such. This is actually a game of basketball.

"Never in those games have I felt half the comeback AI that's plagued NBA 2K11 in the shorter amount of time I've had it. I can feel like I'm greatly outplaying the CPU but then they've got Amare' Stoudemire hitting 3's and there's nothing I can do."..... First off, that's a boost. I doubt he's hitting the plural number of threes. Maybe he hit TWO on you. Which he is perfectly capable of. Maybe you should learn how to play defence.

BlazeCP33730d ago

"NBA 2K11 is nowhere near the class of elite sports games of 2010. NHL, MLB, Madden and NCAA clearly outrank it this year. Maybe it's just because I'm a bigger fan of those sports but I've been a fan of NBA games in the past. This game just doesn't feel special to me. It's just overrated."... NCAA isnt even that good of a game... and while those other sports games are excellent they actually do not compare to 2K11.

Your entire article is an absolute joke. Basically, due to your inability to the play the game, you blame the game. "Chris Paul can't shoot that well." HOW IS THAT A VALID POINT LOL. Michael Jordan appeals to everyone who was and still is a basketball fan from the 1990s. For the first time ever you get to experience classic teams from the 80s and 90s. The association mode is the deepest it has ever been for an NBA game. IF you actually take the time to learn the gameplay, instead of playing 2 association games you would realize it may possibly have the deepest gameplay aspects next to madden. Yes I realize the online can be very glitchy and you cant find matches sometimes but that happens with a lot of games. Ontop of everything the MY PLAYER is vastly improved over its original year. This game is NOT OVERRATED. YOU ARE JUST A NOOB

Freshnikes3730d ago

I bought it and took it back after 1 week....can't talk in lobby...if you back out of a game or servers fails u go back to the main menu not the see players ranking and w-l is complicated...players look like they are playing hockey sliding all over the court...overrated is putting it mildly...I play NBA09 on my psp...and damn that game is better then come the disagrees....

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