IGN: What the PSP2 Needs to Succeed

According to the Internet, the official announcement of the PSP2 is just days away; if so, here's what it needs to not suck.

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Warprincess1163731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I don't like the placing of the analogs in the article. i prefer it to be on the bottom like the rumored pics. Again they need to have apps. They need to release a free or affordable developement kit for indie developers like the 360 did. Also it would be nice to have apps like netflix and other apps people can make for the psp. If sony wants to win, they need to open the psp up to other developers and try to get as many big developers and indie developers to make games for it.

darthkai3731d ago

I agree. Those short, fun, addictive games are where portables are heading IMO. If on a 5 min bus ride, I'd rather play something short and meaningless than start up a 30 min quest and have it consistently interrupted throughout the day.
That's of course not to say that big powerhouse games don't have their place. And if they can make it come close to the PS3, then awesome.
But IGN can't possibly expect it to have PS3-like graphics in a portable form AND cost LESS than the PS3. That's like saying a gaming laptop should cost less then a less powerful desktop. There's no logic to it.
Other than that they have a pretty good list. PS3 - PSP2 Ubiquity would definitely spark my interest. Then again, we were supposed to have that with Gran Turismo on PSP, no?

TheLastGuardian3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

This is the greatest IGN article I've ever read. I've only read about 10 of them but still, I agree with every word of it.

ABizzel13731d ago

Well with all this big website speculating, it's a safe bet that, the PSP2 will be announced.

I'm sure the PSP2 will hit every mark, but the only thing I want to know is the price. $300 is the mark everyone's looking for, and that's what it has to be, if they can't make it any less.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3731d ago

agree with all the above, and they need to keep an ear on the heartbeat of prices for downloadable only games. Its ridiculous for me to justify a purchase on the psn for a digital only media for 19.99 and can go to best buy/wal mart/ and get the physical media for 9.99.

Im all for convenience and options, but a slight reduction in price for digital would help spark a fire if they want to compete with other "app" providers.
(angry birds psn=3.99, on iphone=.99 .....its the same game, no trophies....come on)

Kon3731d ago

People need to be more creative when it comes to PSP2 pics.

Chitown712913731d ago

It should read:
"What IGN needs to do , instead of saying what the PSP2 needs to do"
I mean c'mon man, this thing hasnt even got released yet, and your already saying what it needs..........Sony learned from its mistakes................they know what it needs

ABizzel13731d ago

People don't need to be more creative, we'll see it soon.

DarkBlood3731d ago

it needs to be comfortable to hold and not feel like my hands are cramped, plus that is why i always keep the psp case with the top part holding extra games off just so i can hold the sides more easly

CobraKai3731d ago

I realized this playing peace walker and god of war. I was wishing the PSP was shaped like a dual shock.

Blaine3731d ago

I'm getting really tired of these useless articles. This is worse than speculation (which I hate)--it's just wishful thinking!

Give me hard info, or shut up already.

Jac5al3731d ago

Apps, Dual analog, touch screen, Publisher/Indie support, HD camera, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.