1UP: Homefront Designer Talks Politics, Emotional Manipulation and Hollywood

On Midtown West in the January cold, a handful of Kaos employees welcomed a crowd of journalists into a very large, very militaristically decorated event space to try new the multiplayer modes in, and ask burning questions about, Homefront. Curious about the game's campaign and the future of the property, 1UP sat down with single player lead designer, Chris Cross.

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mushroomwig3736d ago

Nice to see so much attention for this game, I hope it's a game to remember for the right reasons.

SpitFireAce853736d ago

I think they are building to much hype for
this game.And then when its not a AA or AAA
game the media is going to tear it to shreds.

PS.I like the direction this game is taking
dedicated servers,BP system,Emotional Story
But they started dividing their fan base with
early DLC for the 360 maybe even a beta/demo.
And the PC and PS3 no love...:(

ReservoirDog3163736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Never paid attention to this game but it sounds really good. My favorite games all focus on story and this one sounds like it has potential.

Too bad I really* doubt I can afford it or even make time for it. Have so many games. Couldn't justify buying it.

Wish I could support these developers. Probably won't be the best game ever but they deserve to have a lot of copies sold.

edit: Hmmm, it's out in a pretty long time. And amazon is giving $10 if you preorder it. Hmm. Think I'm gonna get this.

Dellis3736d ago

It won't, I don't see the mainstream media even talking
about this and the days before COD came out they had
people on the news talking about it.

This is one of those games that gets hyped but bombs

mushroomwig3736d ago

COD is a well known franchise though, this game is completely new and it'll most likely be a standalone game so there is little reason for the mainstream media to be talking about it.

Wenis3736d ago

I like the game designer's name. Chris Cross