30 Facts From 30 Games You Don't Already Know

1up polled developers they were interviewing at E3 to tell them little nuggets of trivia about their games. In the hope of mixing up many of the boiler plate answers to questions at such events, the trivia they received is intriguing.

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BiggCMan3739d ago

Yea lots of cool stuff, but this one took me by surprise.
"Killzone 3: You know Rico, that total hardass from the Killzone series overall? Guerilla Games managing director Herman Hulst reveals his secret origin, "Rico is modeled after one of our artists, and in real life, he's the nicest and gentlest guy you'll know.""
Holy shit, who would've thought?

SlyGuy3739d ago

Hmm I wonder what that Civ 5 unit is.