Kingsport Man Allegedly Kidnaps and Assaults Son-In-Law, Trades Him For Xbox 360

From TriCities: "A Kingsport man is accused of kidnapping his son-in-law, assaulting him, then trading his freedom for an Xbox 360 game system. Allen Begley told police that his boss and father-in-law, Joshua Seal, called him Sunday afternoon and told him he needed help moving a saw. Begley says that Seal and a co-worker, Bradley Marshall, then picked up Begley in Church Hill and drove him to Seal's Flooring on Regional Park Drive in Kingsport."

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Jio3736d ago

Its how I got my Xbox

whateva3736d ago

he could have got a PS3 SMH

Jio3736d ago

Nah, I just walked into the store and paid just like everyone else for my PS3

JUDALATION3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

LOLROTFLMAO!!!! The Funniest part of the story is when the neighbor says his 360 is worth up to FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS... LMAO! I cant believe they fell for that! A used 360 is worth $120.00 AT BEST!

I Hope that 360 had a PS3 Inside or else this guy got RICK ROLLED!

LMAO ! I hope the guy does not get a red ring when he plugs it in...

Bounkass3736d ago

I think these stories are SLIGHTLY over exaggerated...

gamingdroid3736d ago

Yeah, that didn't exactly sound like kidnapping. Maybe in the legal sense, but sounds more like detainment until I get some payment for the rings you stole!

Warprincess1163736d ago

These guys are old. They should not be doing immature stuff like this. I thought people matured with age but i guess some people don't.

B_Rian893736d ago

He shouldn't have been stealing

xX TriiCKy Xx3736d ago

Damn. I'm sure he's pissed. Not because he's going to prison, but because he could have gotten a PS3. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.