Gibson: Australia's best Minecraft Server

"If you're at all into Minecraft, you'd understand how multiplayer adds a whole new element of depth to the gameplay. As such, finding a good server with friendly people is critical. Unfortunately, locating such a place is not always easy, with trolls running rampant on the Internet and high griefing levels ruining the game."

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Kon3729d ago

People take Minecraft too seriously

WhiteNoise3729d ago

Minecraft is the new farmville...

A little game that for some reason the 'cool cats of gaming' decided was 'in'.

I'm sure there have been 10000 mods that do a similar thing before now, it's like people have just discovered lego...a little slow on the uptake.

WhiteNoise3729d ago


O.K I mean, "mincraft is so bad ass man, it's like lego in a game, that's all avant garde and sh!t!!!!"


Minecraft blows, it's just a glorified famville-esque casual game.

MajestieBeast3729d ago

When i first saw people playing this on jtv i was like meh. But now with all this i still say its meh.