Crysis 2: 3 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

GameXplain Says: "Check out 3-minutes of direct feed footage for Crysis 2! See four of the game's multiplayer maps, weapons, and more in this video!"

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awiseman3737d ago

they need to better video capture, that vid quality doesnt do the game justice.

Spydiggity3737d ago

it was clear enough to tell that i was basically watching Call of Duty. WTF Crytek???

how you gonna turn one of the best shooters of this generation into one of the worst? *sigh*

SJPFTW3737d ago

hmmmm call of duty 4 is probably the best FPS this generation in the multiplayer aspect so at least they copied the best.

Spydiggity3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Bad Company 2, TF2, Reach are all infinitely better MP shooter experiences. hell even gears of war and uncharted are better multiplayer shooters than COD.

COD (in this generation) is and has always been a camp-fest, designed for the worst shooters in gaming to come together and pretend they too are gamers. a mindless experience deliberately made easy to pick up for everyone so they could grab the biggest market share without EVER attempting to innovate or bring positive change to the industry.

it is the Twilight series of gaming. and before you load me up with disagrees, think about how many people would defend the quality of Twilight. i rest my case.

EDIT: and what is up with all the degrees on my first comment? did you fanboys even watch the video? it feels JUST like you're watching COD except sometimes you see a dude go invisible. ZZZzzzzz

SJPFTW3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


i dont know what battlefield you were playing but all BFBC2 was was everyone becaming snipers and camping on the same hill for 20 minutes. hence why it was a much slower game

Ive been playing FPS since half life 1 and camping is a problem in all games. In fact Infinity Ward introduced the kill cam in COD1 to counter camping. For the record Its the community not the game you retard.

Easier to play? how hard is it for anyone to pick up the controller and play any FPS? How is TF2 and Halo any harder of a game? they were good games because they were simple. COD4 was more fluid experience than most FPS these days.

if COD4 isnt the best muliplayer experience this gen why are most FPS developers being influenced and inspired by it and borderline copying it?

Ducky3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

In that case, one of us has eye problems.
I watched the video, it was mostly run-n-spray. Didn't see any real camping.

BadCompany2, TF2 and Reach are different MP shooter experiences. CoD is simply mindless fun, you run around and shoot things that move. The amount of camping in CoD is on the same level as other games, if not actually less.

As for innovation; Perks, level-up system, killcams, and killstreaks are some of the few elements that CoD popularized and are now found in other shooters.

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andresegers3737d ago

Are you watching the HD version?

gamer20103737d ago

This is the Xbox 360 version, right? It looks great. I love this map.

Kalipekona3737d ago

This is shaping up to be one of the best looking games ever.

S_C3737d ago

Shall Be Playing The Demo Tommorow After Work, This Game Is Looking Amazing, What Time Does The Marketplace Normally Update In The UK?

guigsy3737d ago

Should be up in the morning.

S_C3737d ago

Ok thanks, do they update before 2pm?

badkolo3737d ago

ok that looks good, real good.

MidnytRain3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I'm not complaining. In fact, in March, I will make a decision to buy one of the two games, but I have to ask. Why all the Homefront and Crysis 2 coverage lately?

On another note, am I the only one who thinks some parts of that map look like Helghan Industries from Killzone 2? Around 0:35 particularly?

Kon3737d ago

Only now they notice how good are these games

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