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Years in the making, Polyphony Digital’s magnum opus finally raced to retail late last year. Now, after substantial title updates, Game Rant reviews ‘Gran Turismo 5.’

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SuperStrokey11233737d ago

yeah, definately a bit late to the party.

3737d ago
Kon_Artist 3736d ago

not this late.
im lvl 27 and i only play gt5 on weekend. if i didnt have school and a job i would been 40 a long ass time ago.
their whole job is to review games...

hiredhelp3737d ago

yeh you get the odd review. slowing down alot now mind. people who got the game knows how good it is. people who havent well buy it or not up to you.

ReBurn3737d ago

Good review. Acknowledges that even though there are some shortcomings, the game is still great and deserves the credit that it is due.

Bathyj3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

So whats with the score?

The driving is unparalleled but it losses 2 points because he's confused with the menus?

These are not gamebreaking flaws. They aren't even gameplay affecting flaws. They're a minor annoyance at best.

I personally agree that its one of the strengths of GT that it makes you sift through the cars, to read a bit about them and learn something.

I'm not even a car or racing buff myself, but I've learnt a lot about them and their history from GT5. I had no idea before that the development of so many of todays standard cars was spurred by the Japanese and European racing industry. So many older cars you wouldn't think of as racing cars were invented for that very reason.

GT is a car encyclopaedia.

ugabugaz3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I don't see what peoples problem are with the menu system. I personally find it very simple to use. Heck, it might take ten minutes to learn where everything is, but after that you're golden. There are a few stupid mistakes Polyphony could have not made, but no game is perfect (The no confirm Restart Race for example)

ReBurn3736d ago

I'm really enjoying the game, but there are some things about it that frustrate me. I agree that it is a car encyclopedia. There's tons of stuff there just for car lovers.

I'm ambivalent about the menus. I've seen worse, so no real gripes.

What I like best is that for me it's the first Gran Turismo that makes me feel like I'm driving that fast. I spend a lot of time in the quick races just because I can pick it up, play for a few minutes, and go on with my day.

It's a very well done, but your car still suffers from pinballing off of barriers and other cars. So that aspect of the driving isn't perfect, but it is really fun.


Trust me guys it's common here next to the trolls, idiot mods who can not moderate a site correctly, idiot journalists who can't spell for shit. Just the other day i seen a few games that came out a few years ago still be reviewed.

Drjft3737d ago

I like how you criticise people for their spelling and grammar yet you can't evens string a sentence along.


Bebedora3737d ago

So he might be a journalist? =)

IPUMPMYGUN3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I'm not a journalist, so I could care less about my spelling and grammar. Him on the other hand is a different story. If I were you, I wouldn't type anymore on this site. I'll quote what you typed.

"like how you criticise people for their spelling and grammar yet you can't evens string a sentence along."


Bebedora: Technically, he is a video game journalist.

You can't even spell CRITICIZE and you added an extra letter to EVEN. lol. Fucking idiot!

Bebedora3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

He DID spell 'evens' too..I dunno, but that's just wrong.

I must say it's a pandemic issue running wild world wide among journalists.
MS Word tells if it's wrong, right? No.

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