The PSP2: Five Things Sony Must Do To Make it Succeed

It is now all but certain that Sony will announce their next handheld video game system, the successor to the Playstation Portable, later this week at the ‘Playstation Meeting’. Regardless of what they say on Thursday, Sony will have an uphill battle.

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saint_john_paul_ii3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

good article. BTW, i dont think it needs android. i think they should put an non-game App Store on the PSP2's OS. its possible, The PSP has non-game apps on the system, (Qriocity/Comic Viewer/etc.)


nice one! thats why you are a saint, or was... or is?

blumatt3731d ago

It needs to have dual analogs, four shoulder buttons, PS2 Classics compatibility, DualShock 3 support, games on flash media (sd), PSP1 digital game compatibility, and the ability to remotely play ANY PS3 game from anywhere via 3G (yes it needs 3G too. :) haha)

blumatt3731d ago

Again I ask why the disagree? Please let me know what u disagreed about.

Close_Second3731d ago

Yeah, because the apps side of things has been so well supported by Sony up till now.

I don't use homebrew but it seems to be the only way you can get a wide array of apps on the PSP currently.

Warprincess1163731d ago

I agree. If sony add apps to the psp2 store. I could see PSP2 being a huge hit. It could pull in serious and non serious gamers. Since sony is a Japanese company. i don't think they would understand this.

morkendo233731d ago

if thats the psp2 yuck, like the proto-type better far as wider screen concern.

Ripyealip3731d ago

i like how it looks but it does need a wide-er screen

timzone3731d ago

Great, well thought out article. Agree with the points made.

mushroomwig3731d ago

I hope that isn't the actual design, but we all know fan made concepts look better than the final design.

Case and point;

StbI9903731d ago

Sry, that thing looks quiet ugly IMHO, furthermore, the one posted first in the site looks smoother and may also feel better at the end, taking in consideration the one Andriasang posted which is quite considerable to be it, but who knows, sure thing is, it gonna be slider.

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The story is too old to be commented.