5 Reasons Why Nintendo Is Doomed

The 3DS -- Nintendo's best hope at regaining its now fading relevance -- is finally coming. The Japanese gaming pioneer's updated handheld will hit the stateside market March 27.

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hoops3730d ago

This is why they need to shoot bloggers with high caliber weapons.

firefoxprime3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The name of the website says it all.
The guy states some solid points. Its one of those "only time will tell" situations.

Heh. All I care about is that graphical improvement(long overdue), huge(non-shovelware) third party support, backwards compatability, and a slick slide pad. The street pass, 3d, and all those other features are just bonuses to me. So I'm straight.

It all depends on that successful they'll be with that 8 week marketing nation-wide push.

DORMIN3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Got to love Western Media

"oh noe Sony is doomed"
"oh noes Nintendo is doomed"

Do they understand the meaning of "doomed"?
If Sony or Nintendo's handhelds/consoles were to ever become "doomed" then they could easily rely on their first party titles to sell millions upon millions because most of them are basically synonymous with gaming.

schlanz3729d ago

Nintendo? Doomed?


good joke.

iamnsuperman3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I am one who doesn't see the fuss about the 3DS but at least I can acknowledge it will sell and do well. Its the 3D aspect. Its new to consumers and that is the number one reason (with a few other reasons)why it will do well

qface643730d ago

ahh another day another (insert name here is doomed) article lol
we have only been getting these for like the past couple of years yet surprisingly no one is doomed yet

disturbing_flame3730d ago

People said the same thing with the wii.

Wii is the most sold console on the market with.... Nintendo DS.

Smart move, smart analysis.

Chaos Striker3730d ago

This is a bit different though. It's really uncharted territory. Motion control was something other companies dabbled in before Nintendo brought it to mass appeal. The price point is higher compared to all their previous handhelds even adjusted for inflation. Also, the warning label might turn off a lot of parents who want to buy it for their kids, compared to the DS. These are legitimate concerns, but then again, things always turn out interestingly.

Orionsangel3730d ago

Wii had a great gimmick though. You can't deny that, not to mention a great Mario launch title. They learned from Gamecube when they made Luigi's Mansion the launch title lol.

hellzsupernova3729d ago

actually the playstation 2 is...

showtimefolks3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

the only thing going against it is the price.

all those DS casuals will eat this up along with those who stand in lines to buy i-pad for 599 or 699 than someone can walk in at 11am and get it lol

psp2 and 3ds why can't both succeed?

i am more of a core gamer so i will go with psp2 and for casuals and tech people 3ds will be something new we all win no one is doomed

if psp was doomed why has it sold almost 60million units sometimes these bloggers don't get it at all

and DS is still selling my question is when will nintendo stop supporting DS which is straight money for them or do they keep 2 handhelds in the market

firefoxprime3730d ago

ey man. 3DS will definetly satisfy core gamers. They're still catering to the casual, since thats where their previous cash flow lies.

I love action games. Why I own a DS instead of a psp, only God knows. I thought it was gonna be an upgraded gba(boy was I wrong). But I've played the psp many times over the past 6 years. My lil bro owns one, and its a powerful handheld. But something was just "lacking". I just couldn't put my finger on it(literally).

Since the games were ports or spin-offs from main series, my subconscience demanded a console experience. Which explains the well know complaints of 2 analog sticks. Also I could barely grip the analog nub...finger kept sliding off. No grip. Buts its probably just me.

matey3729d ago

calling a 3ds casual when it has 110 games in development 80% core games in full 3D the psp2 can only dream of this support shit even Capcom have said they are investing all there efforts on 3DS not psp2 and same will go for every developer that makes a game on the system psp2 will get slammed by hackers as the psp before it no one bought games from retail

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EYEamNUMBER13730d ago

i clicked on this thinking it was one of those joke articles
this was serious? LOL

Otheros003730d ago

I guess the author wrote this because there is way too much Nintendo is awesome articles.
I also think there is too much Nintendo is awesome articles this month.

Optical_Matrix3730d ago

Haters gonna hate. Nintendo gonna Nintendo. Say somethin'

Optical_Matrix3730d ago

I saw the headline. And then I saw the name of the website. And then everything made sense to me.

Chaos Striker3730d ago

I guess you never knew that the Motley Fool is one of the most well known stock market blogs out there?

His take is based on market trends and market analysis, which does not favor the product placement of the 3DS. But like he says at the end of the article (if you read the whole thing), that everything remains to be seen and he can be proven wrong.

renegade3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I don't know how nintendo is doomed, instead they are successful with the wii and DS and they are going to sellout with 3ds... Without a doubt 3ds is a great addition to 3d technology not only to hand held gaming and it going to sets mind running, without a need pricey 3d glasses!

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