Nerd Rage: Stop Controlling Me

Loren Nikkel of The Married Gamers rants about his frustration with the confusing control schemes of games with similar genres.

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ITLoo3735d ago

I doubt my nerd rage would ever get that bad. I love our gaming system and would never throw it.

Bathyj3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

This is exactly the sort of jerk I was talking about before in the LBP thread. LBP gets critised because it doesnt jump like Mario. Killzone gets it because it doesnt move like CoD.

Why should every control scheme be the same. Monkeys can learn new things, why cant you?

I can understand a jump button, or a reload, the basic functions that most games have, but not every game has the same moves, and even when they do not every game has the same emphasise on those moves.

Y for weapon switch? Fin if you only have 2 guns, what if you have 10?

I am in favour of fully mappable controls though, this should be a given.

ITLoo3735d ago

I think games should give us the choice. Different people are accustomed to different layouts. Why do some developers give us the choice to full customization and others dont?

MidnytRain3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Fully customizable control options is the best way to go. It allows users to adjust settings so that they are comfortable with what they're doing. It's an almost flawless system, threatened only by the possiblity that the controls could be broken altogether.

Though some unfamiliar schemes are practical, such as that in Resistance: Fall of Man. Aiming down your sight was activated by the right stick, which was best because it freed up the left shoulder button for quick use of secondary fire.

I personally prefer the default options that are given to me. It creates a different feel for each game, which, to me, is important for every game to set itself apart and actually helps make me aware that I'm not playing a reskinned version of another game.

Blaine3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

This rant is unrealistic to the point of being ridiculous. Is he serious?

This: "I understand that developers want their games to stand out" is NOT the reason games have different control schemes! It's because some games allow you to perform different actions than others.

Some FPSs allow you to carry only two weapons, and maybe one piece of gear (like grenades). In those, you only need one swap button, and one button to use the gear. Others allow you to carry more, so you may need a button to swap guns and one to swap gear--or even multiple buttons for each to cycle forth and back through your inventory. But if you have multiple buttons just to cycle through your gear, then you have less buttons free to perform other actions, so devs have to compromise.

If every FPS had the same control scheme, devs wouldn't be able to compromise, the gameplay would be SET just because the control scheme is.

It's retarded that I even have to explain this... Especially to someone who stopped playing a game he allegedly liked after 10 minutes because he couldn't get a hold of the controls.

Edit: Also: HOW IS THIS NEWS?? Some idiot's inability to adapt to multiple control schemes is news now? Maybe I'm looking at it from the wrong perspective--rather than a rant, I should treat it as a case study: "nubs can't handle different control schemes, causes them to stop playing games, industry should change?" Yeah, sounds more like news now.

MidnytRain3735d ago

Although the "N" in N4G stands for "news", it can be a bit misleading. This isn't just a site for news, but sharing opinions and having discussions, hence the availability of the comments sections and the forums.

But regarding, the article, I agree with you. Like I stated in my first post, it depends of the actions the developers want the player to perform and which allows freedom and ease of use depending on the commands and functions that dicatate how the game is played.

mr.selfdestruct3735d ago

LAME!!! Most games give you an option to choose the layout thats best for you. Thoes that don't just look it up by hitting pause. Not to Difficult.

MidnytRain3735d ago

I just wish more games had the fully customizable option. There is no way you can go wrong with that.