Bulletstorm - Revenge Trailer

Watch the ways you can exact your revenge and get the demo to tide you over until the game's release!

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Jack-Pyro3729d ago

My My My, this is shaping up quite nicely

g0green3729d ago

looks like a solid game for sure! will tide me over to homefront and brink

Kalipekona3729d ago

It really does look great. It's nice that we will get to play the demo tomorrow. Oh and we can't forget the Crysis 2 demo tomorrow too. That game is looking amazing.

Thrillhouse3729d ago

I love no nonsense action games like this and Serious Sam. The gameplay is straight action and the story is over the top and cheesy by design.

Better than most FPS games that take themselves way too seriously yet end up with over the top and lame stories.

helrazor3433729d ago

The strangest thing, I like Serious Sam alot it's funny and mindless fun, just weird (see my post below).

helrazor3433729d ago

Oh geez, I don't even know why, but this game doesn't appeal to me at all, and normally I may have at one point found this could possibly be fun, but now I dunno, I think I'm gonna pass. Regardless of what they seem to add, this stuff seems so dime-a-dozen (weird coming from me, cause I don't think I've been gaming long enough to be jaded yet, must be the genre).

Forbidden_Darkness3729d ago

You should atleast try the demo and see for yourself. I am, might actually be a breath of fresh air.

helrazor3433729d ago

You're right, I'll at least do that.

Snakefist303729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

The main character and his voice looks exactly like WOLVERINE!

gtsentry3729d ago

killzone3 n this r on my list

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The story is too old to be commented.