Shadowlocked - Top ten hottest videogames of 2011


My picks for the Top-ten upcoming games of 2011...

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Firstkn1ghT3730d ago

Not bad of a list. Good to see Mortal Kombat there. MK 9 looks to be the best version in a very long time.

luke12345673730d ago

Thanks alot Firstkn1ght - we do a lot of really cool pieces and I had great fun writing it.

In regards to Mortal Kombat, I cannot wait. I have been a long-running MK fan and think the gameplay and fatalities for this one look particularly sweet.

Thanks again mate.

eutiagopato3730d ago

Not bad, but infamous 2 and The Last guardian would be up there

Blaine3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

LAWL Bulletstorm! That game is definitely NOT on my most anticipated list. Neither is Homefront. Hell, where is Skyrim? And InFamous 2, Rage, Portal 2, Deus Ex, THE LAST GUARDIAN?? Lists are opinions, sure, but I do not agree with this guy's opinion at all.