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The worst part is that MindJack's implementation of the shooter is so imbalanced and guileless that it actually harms the game. If people were forced to play the game online and had to deal with three-on-one matches all the time, this game's score would be significantly worse. Ironically, MindJack is only scraping by with a mediocre (as opposed to dreadful) score because you can switch off its one and only selling point, leaving you with a shooter that is ugly and boring, but is at least not frustrating and impossible.

As soon as a developer comes along that can actually develop well, however, this'll be a great little game.

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eggbert3730d ago



Godmars2903730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

oh, almost missed the sarcasm tag...;)

Yeah, Mindjack is on of those games were its realized in the development process that it has issues. Probably should have gone with the Borderlands toon shaded style. At the very least.

In other news:
Bit surprising when everyone else railing on it, to see Stealing not jumping to the game's defense.

Christopher3730d ago

Yeah, saw the quick play on giant bomb and the cover mechanics alone made me forget about this game completely. What a waste of some potentially good gameplay concepts.

Kamikaze1353730d ago

WHAT?? Other sites gave this around a 5...I expected Destructoid to follow their recent trend and give this game 3 points lower that all other sites do.

Christopher3730d ago

Not every review is a sensational review. When they're notably crappy games, they give them the typical score. It's the high profile games that tend to get the "special" Jim Sterling treatment.

Trroy3730d ago

Well.. that's good because I have too many good games unopened at home anyway.

*crosses MindJack off to-buy list*

showtimefolks3730d ago

make games like this and instead make a few good/great psn/xblive games

but what do i know i am just a gamer

what was the cost for the game i would love to know that i say atleast 10million because a AAA title costs 20million a year in development that's what patcher said

Kamikaze1353730d ago

Because SE didn't develop this game at all. They only published it.

Kon3730d ago

This game has a very nice concept.

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