Franchises that Need to Make A Comeback

There sure are a lot of sequels out there in the current market and even if they’re not, they might as well be. Some games might not bear the same name as others, but the market has become ever so slightly stale in past couple of years. This got me thinking what games I would love to see get revived and be given another go. Some didn’t die out exactly and some finished strong, however, all of them are good enough to warrant a return.

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Istanbull3741d ago

Jak&Daxter, Crash, Spyro, all great games when they were in the hands of Sony. It pains me to see my once childhood heroes being [email protected] by inferior developpers. :(

Btw, what about Xenogears and Legend of Dragoon? Greatest rpgs ever made! What about Omega Boost? A crazy game by Polyphony Digital.

firefoxprime3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Sounds like you want a Platformer Comeback. I'm all aboard dude. The shooters snuffed all those gems down the drain...

When you've got multimillion dollar AAA titles, smaller genres are minimized, and smaller companies are eventually phased out.

metsgaming3741d ago

thats why i dont want naughty dog to hand over uncharted, when they are done with it and start a new IP i believe they should let it be.