Call of Duty: Factory Line Game Development

Gm3r revisits an editorial on why Activision should slow down with Call of Duty and return to innovation for future editions.

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gamerzBEreal173729d ago

it's only 1 game every year its just 2 devs makeing them so it seems like its every 9 months but fans are the series are happy so leave them and leave activision keep pumping out the cod maybe they will make one that u like Geez

MGRogue20173729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

What we really need is for Treyarch & Infinity Ward to work together on ONE Call of Duty game every year.

skywalkeruk3729d ago

I got to say I would prefer a 2 year break between the COD series so they can at least spend a bit more time thinking the game through rather than rushing it for Christmas sales.

Apocwhen3729d ago

Totally agree. It takes them 3 - 5 months to fix the bugs after release so they may as well wait the extra 12 months and work them out and polish the game better.

Super-Brad3729d ago

It may sound wierd but they do have 1.5 to 2 years on development of the game, they can do this because as soon as IW or Treyarch have released a game the other development team is already 1 year in of development in their CoD game.

So it is technically a production line, IMO 2 years is needed with both development teams working together to get anywhere decent CoD game, so there is a 2 year gap between each CoD.

RustInPeace3729d ago

There's no such thing as innovation to Activision, as long as there's a quick cash grab idea involved.

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