I Love N4G, Sony, My Grandpa, and Kevin Butler

By Fahed Jaradat,
My first article I published on N4G got me more views than I would have dreamed in my wildest dreams. I’ve been visiting N4G on daily basis for 3 years now and I can attest to how much N4G has improved, and it won’t be long before N4G leapfrogs IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers,..etc. The reason why N4G will eventually beat the aforementioned sites is, from N4Gs’ perspective, other gaming sites are sources of content not rivals.

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thedudeftw3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Is it just me or is the person lying? According to this will be the site's first...

Link fixed.

Criminal3737d ago

Hi thedudeftw, or should I say The Big Lebowski fan,

First off, I'm not lying. And, the link in your comment is broken.

Have a good one,


thedudeftw3737d ago

The Big Lebowski fan? I have no clue who the heck he or she is xD and the link is fixed.

Parapraxis3737d ago

And thus, another great username is lost on the ignorant.

Just kidding thedudeftw, but seriously, you should check out the film The Big Lebowski.

TardcoreGamer3737d ago

His name is thedudeftw and he doesn't know what The Big Lebowski is? man. He needs to get out more.

thedudeftw3737d ago

@parpraxis: Fine then I will! :P

chadley3737d ago

The Dude was the name of the main character in The Big Lebowski. Read a book.

BlackTar1873737d ago

How can you ave thedudeftw and not be referencing The Big Lebowsji. m not saying anything to you personally but wow that is definitely strange

Danteh3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

@Criminal yes, N4G is a great gaming community and one of the fastest and most brutal ways of getting tons of traffic especially for a starting website. Just a piece of advice before you get too excited:

Having around 5000 visitors (which is my rough estimate for your 500 degree article) is amazing the first time, but take into account that N4G traffic is extremely volatile and if you don't pump out quality articles every day the traffic will drop drastically, which gets us to my second point.

Stories must obviously be approved, and this is not always an easy task unless the article is well researched, interesting, and well-structured. And even when you get your story approved, you may have spent 3 hours making the best article of your life only to find out that it doesn't really attract people.... and you get like only 20 degrees.

SO after all this babbling, my advice is that besides submitting quality articles here you should also focus on the SEO, which is what will give your site high and stable traffic :P

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CrzyFooL3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Actually N4G is just a portal. It makes money and all the work is done by the users. It's a brilliant idea and I wish I thought of it.

I also love my grandpa . . . and Kevin Butler.

Criminal3737d ago

Lol. I agree N4G is like the appstore but with order.

CrzyFool, hit me up on PSN: CriminalX or Xbox Live: CriminalX88



redDevil873737d ago

Having Kevin Butler as a grampa would be badass

ArmrdChaos3737d ago

Or more like an insane asylum run by the patients.

MelonieMac3737d ago

Indeed, N4G is quite amazing and helps loads when trying to get your work recognized. Kevin Butler is pretty awesome as well, I must admit. :p

SKUD3737d ago

N4G till the casket drops.

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