DamnLag - The Greatest Launch Games Ever

Jaleel writes: Launch games are usually pretty bad (hello there, 3DS.) They’re usually rushed to make the grand opening, and it shows. Every so often greatness happens though. A great launch game defines its console and sets the bar for its lifespan. Most importantly it gives you something to do with it. For this list only games that came out day one were considered, so no “launch window” for Super Smash Bros Melee and the like.

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boogeyman9993362d ago

Ridger Racer counting is all that matters.

Overmind4203362d ago

That game was pretty much the only reason I bought a PS2.

rainbowfission3362d ago

Super Mario 64 made the N64 for me.

Valay3362d ago

Nothing better than Super Mario 64 for me.

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