New Monday Night Combat Screenshots Confirm New Character And Hats

Monday Night Combat unlocks on Steam in only a few short hours. Leading up to the “official” release, a few new screenshots have been added to the game’s Steam page.

These new screenshots confirm a few features in the game–the infamous addition of “hats” in Team Fortress 2 will also be available in Monday Night Combat, Mann Co. Crates, also from Team Fortress 2, will appear in some form, and the Fruit Fucker from the Penny Arcade comics will also make an appearance.

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MoeThirteen3735d ago

Well, I didn't see all this coming.

multipayer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

You know your all over this crap... with your team fortress forced memes...

I guess instead of avatar awards we'll have hats and instead of avatar games.. ya can imagine the rest... Maybe we'll get a new steam gui and a hat marketplace directly on it. I'm scared.