Lens of Truth - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Lens of truth writes "Next on the list of our of “catch up” inFocus titles is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. The first installment of the Force Unleashed was a pleasant surprise considering most Star Wars based games (other than the SNES titles) are similar to “Bantha fodder”. With the return of Starkiller, or so we think, and his supreme Force powers, we couldn’t wait to get back into this version of the Star Wars universe. Check out this inFocus to see if The Force Unleashed II can take its place among the stars."

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Joe Bomb2824d ago

What a let down this game was, and a waste of money. Cool DLC packs at least.

morganfell2824d ago

How ironic. Lens of truth reviews a game that is as good as their analysis of games.

Joe Bomb2824d ago

Wait, I think I already know.

morganfell - "PS3 Wins this one hands down! Yay! I'm in love with a piece of plastic, yay! I would die for this machine I own, I love Sony so much...Yay! Sony created the Univerese, and I love them for it!!! Go PS3 Go! I forgot to mention, I'm a tool!!!!!"

MeanOldman2824d ago

well joe was it say about your theory when morg picked digitals analysis over lens of truth. someones got a chip on they shoulder alright an that would be you. besides i think if you look at past comments you would see morg thought the game was crap to. like him i dont care for a site that gets things right by accident an was busted lying already. instead of amitting it they attacked everbody.

RudeSole Devil2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yea kinda sucked, hope the next ones better. For some that image reminds me of infamous.

ExPresident2824d ago

I'd rather hope they didn't make a next one if this one sucked so bad. I mean what compels someone to say 'I wasted $60!? This game is terrible, pay another so I can give you another $60'

gaden_malak2824d ago

The game isn't bad. It's just too damn short.

They've already confirmed there will be no more.

DarkBlood2824d ago

thats crazy not with that cliff hanger ending they threw out there

WhittO2824d ago

Was the first one really sh*t too? I remember playing the demo and actually thinking it was quite good, especially since so many star wars game fail.

SpinalRemains1382824d ago

Well it's a 4 hour piece of shit!

The game is kinda fun, but as soon as you start to get into it, you have this annoying fight with Vader (that you assume is just a prelude to the real fight) and the fucking credits roll. Worst game of this gen so far. 60 bucks for a snack.

NYC_Gamer2824d ago

maybe they need to find a better studio to handle these games

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The story is too old to be commented.