Metro GameCentral: Little Big Planet 2 Review

GamingCentral writes "There can't be a gamer alive that hasn't imagined about one day making a game of their own. But as anyone embarking upon their first bedroom-programmed effort quickly learns, the unfortunate truth is that making games is very difficult. LittleBigPlanet has always sought to change that, although paradoxically it also reinforces the fact that even major developers often get the basics wrong."

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mushroomwig3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

'There's also a set of 10 PlayStation Move-compatible stages which seem to have been shoved in at the last minute (you can't actually play them from the main game, but have to access them separately from the dashboard).'

- He's actually making that out like it's a bad thing and I can't understand why, it takes less time to access them from the "dashboard" than having to go into the actual game and do it.

I'm not completely shocked since this the Metro we're talking about.

Also I'm not even sure where they're getting that price of £49.99 from, not even the collectors edition costs that.

TardcoreGamer3731d ago

You can just smell the fanboy in this article, right? ....dashboard...hmm

Acquiescence3731d ago

they're notorious in my mind for giving Heavy Rain 4/10 when it came out. What the f**k do they know.

Digitiser was far superior; why did it have to be replaced :(

Bathyj3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

"this is not a particularly good platform game - not a helpful starting point when you're trying to make the next Super Mario Bros."

Thank god they've ignored Mario completely. I dont WANT a Mario clone. I like the physics based animation and momentum.

I've never had a problem with the jumping or plane shifting.

God, people are so scared of something different, every platformer has to control like Mario, every shooter has to have controls like CoD. Get over it and learn something new.

And again, for the record, havent touched the creation tools or the usermade levels. Thats right, I'm loving this game purely based so far on MM own levels, and it excels as a platformer of the 22nd century. About time one came along.

At least they've acknowledged the amazing texture work, something everyone ignore in the first. LBP has THE best textures on a console, even better than UC2.

You can zoom right up to an object while building and wood looks like wood, glass is glass, stone is stone. Nothing else is close to this game.

Theodore873731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Didn't those Move levels become available on the PSN weeks before the game actually came out? If I remember it right, it was before Xmas. And weren't some of the Move integrations for LBP was demonstrated even before Move came out in Sept? How the fuck is that "shoved it at the last minute?"

The person reviewing the game obviously doesn't know shit about the gaming world and the fact that the site isn't about gaming strips away the credibility of this review. Nonetheless, even if LBP2 got 7.0 metascore, I don't give a flying fuck. Got the Collector's Edition and loving it. Can't careless about what the world thinks :D

mushroomwig3731d ago

I think the reviewer feels that the move games were just added onto the disc at the last minute. My question is this...

So what if they were? It doesn't stop those levels from being any less fun and adding extra content onto any game at no extra cost is certainly not a bad thing, especially when Sony/MM didn't have to.

strickers3731d ago

Because they were not.It was announced it would launch with the game free,or you could buy them early.Move levels finished couple of months before game.
Metro(I've read for years)are not Ninty/MS fanboys but they are anti Playstation.
Guy they used to run site in now editor of Edge.They all hate PS3.

It seems to rarely get mentioned that almost all games journos play on 360 and not PS3.

You can say "but they're professional"but most press in anything shows large bias and if you play all your games on one system?