PlayStation Meeting 2011 Live Streaming Blog, PSP2 Reveal Expected

If the PSP2 is revealed this week, expect to make that Thursday morning. PlayStation Meeting 2011, special event organized by Sony Japan to (hopefully) reveal the PSP2 including the press, now has a schedule. So Thursday, January 27 at around 15h (Japan time) that the conference from Sony is expected to start. The info comes from Nikkei Trendy in a tweet. Specifically for us, it may be interesting to start hanging out on the net in the morning of Thursday 27 from 7am.

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sinncross3732d ago

live streaming? so there!

Raendom3732d ago

Someone didn't read... This is a live BLOG, actually it's not even live from what I gathered. This website is going to basically aggregate all other Live blogs... :\

DEADEND3732d ago

I just reserved the 3DS last week and I can't wait to get this as well.

remanutd553732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

well Jeff from the playstation blog flew to Japan today , i hope the blog cover the event in some way and i dont think his sole purpose was to interview Mr Ueda ( i know he is a mastermind but come on The Last Guardian news will come at GDC or E3 most likely ) , i think he flew to cover the event and he will take advantage of that trip and interview Mr Ueda

Mr Tretton3731d ago

I'm betting PSP2 is being saved for E3

liveActionLeveler3730d ago

Don't say that man!, I have my hope and excitement up to very high levels for this conference.