New F2P Magic the Gathering Tactics – Launch Trailer and Screens

Do you like free stuff? I bet you do, and there’s nothing more the Ripten Staff likes than free gaming. Magic the Gathering: Tactics is a new tactical game developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) for the PC, and soon for the PS3.

***The launch Trailer is Here but the 6 screenshots are on RipTen***

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Invadersims3737d ago

Everyone should check it out, after all it is FREE!

jaredhart3737d ago

Free is free. And this will also be free on the PS3.

despair3737d ago

wasn't Free Realms supposed to come to the PS3 as well, been waiting on that one quite a while and still nothing, I'll believe this is coming when I see it myself.


free! FREE!! everyone likes free!!

Kreyg3737d ago

Free = I will be trying this

Hitman07693737d ago

Never was very big on Magic the gathering.