Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home This Thursday, Fight Back and Earn Unlock Points

US PlayStation Blog: Beginning on Thursday, January 27th, the Central Plaza will be transformed into the last remaining ISA stronghold when Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home. Join the remaining members of the ISA as they defend Home against the relentless Helghast assault.

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Warprincess1163737d ago

I don't really use home but i guess i try it again on Thursday.

thedudeftw3737d ago

Why is everything happening on Thursday >.>

ikkeweer3736d ago

Don't know how long you haven't used it, but be prepared for a download.

Shazz3737d ago

great way to advertise 1st party games and hopefully these unlock points are a new thing they will do with lots of games

Kleptic3737d ago

better than some costumes to buy...that was all killzone 2 ever got iirc...

although i kind of forgot Home even exists...

clrlite3737d ago

Maybe I'll check it out. I'm very excited for KZ3 and Home is kind of trippy already.

Qui-Gon Jim3737d ago

I never use Home, but I might try this out to get those three unlock points.

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The story is too old to be commented.