IGN - Thor PSP Canned; 3DS Version Confirmed

SEGA has pulled the plug on the PSP version of Thor: God of Thunder.

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Warprincess1163362d ago

but it going to be on the PSP2

trounbyfire3362d ago

could be right and with two sticks could be fun BUT the vga trailers looked like crap so

despair3362d ago

I would've been ashamed to show that trailer if I was the dev, especially at the VGAs with trailers for UC3, Skyrim and ME3.

GodHandDee3362d ago

might be a psp2 port in the future..BUT chances are the game might suck thunder balls so I don't really care much about it

R_aVe_N3362d ago

lol should have canceled all of them....

trounbyfire3362d ago

I was unimpressed with the trailers as well

Blacktric3362d ago

They should've shut down the company alltogether (except the part that develops Yakuza games) while they were doing it.

KING853362d ago

Oh no! Anything but Thor: God of Thunder! Whatever shall we do? Sigh!

Trroy3362d ago

I wonder if it'll just be a DS game, with the option to make some sprites "3D" or somesuch, if you've got a 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.