IGN: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Video Preview

An early look at this week's Xbox Live exclusive multiplayer demo and more.

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Letros3740d ago

That aiming was painful to watch...

xino3740d ago

wow man!

which graphics will be better?

Uncharted 3 or Crysis 2?

Uncharted 2's visuals and effects are amazing! I love the water effect man!

Crysis 2's lightening is incredible so does it's visuals!

Which is the best?

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

MarcusFenixITA3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I can tell you -> Uncharted 3 - pretty simple

Pixelated_Army3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"We haven't seen Cry2 on console since GamesCon and honestly it looked pretty rough."

A multipat who's preview code looked kind of rough just a couple of months back, against an exclusive with two strong titles already underneath it's belt. I'm going to give it to Naughty Dog this time around.

kramun3740d ago

Yeah, you cherry picked that quote pretty well, forgetting to mention that he also says most of the graphical issues had been worked out. How about I cherry pick this quote? - 'Crysis 2 is clearly in the running for best looking console game out there this year'.

I'm not really bothered how it looks on console as I'll be getting it on pc, but it made me laugh how you used that quote out of context.

Kalipekona3739d ago

"Crysis 2 is clearly in the running for best looking console game out there."

Impressive indeed.

Ifone3739d ago

Uc3, or killzone 3, or even lbp2, just can't be matched by a multi, or xbox exclusive every single serious gamer know's probably "running fir best looking game on 360" but that' s all, you can't do miracles with inferior hardware, even if xbox fznboy love to believe each time that it could be posdible one day "wait for halo3" ""waiy for alzn wake" etc.

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GodHandDee3740d ago

HD console versions of Crysis 2 vs UC3 ps3? UC3 easily :)

Tinasumsum3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )


Love the on console excuse. Just on PC but not consoles because it's known the PC is more capable. We seen it running on the 360 nothing matches this game visually just stop. Just because PC is more able doesn't mean you can try and defend PS3 exclusives like the console versions of these games can't be graphically unmatched as well.

You keep bringing up PS3 exclusives because you're insecure about these products being better than PS3 exclusives in ways you think are the most important. You guys keep doing this because these new games are starting to negate your claims of PS3 being the most powerful console in the universe.

GodHandDee3740d ago

lolwut? dude calm down for a sec. It's my honest opinion, from what I have seen UC3 looks better than this. But the PC versions will definitely look better.
If you think the PC version won't look better than the console versions you are being delusional.

Not sure what this 'you guys' refer to or what this 'insecurity' you speak of, this is just my opinion on the matter, nothing more nothing less. Heck I think Gears 3 look as good or better than crysis 2 personally, and graphics aren't only about the polygon count.

And no on the consoles I will bet that UC3 and KZ3 will set new standards in visuals...I also fully expect RAGE to rock too and maybe even beat kz3 and UC3

SO get off your high horse, stop being paranoid and stop this childish posts. It's a waste of my time, keep your console warrior mentality to yourself

Kon3740d ago

On consoles, UC. But on PC, any AAA game has better graphics

Ifone3739d ago

Just name 1 or 2...llol

Kon3739d ago

@Ifone Metro2033, Dirt 2. Here we go, two.

Ryudo3740d ago

Look fact is Crysis 2 is available to play on the Xbox 360 already, unless you have Uncharted 3 and are playing it right now shut up because it's a stupid argument.

Crysis 2's multiplayer, needs to compared to KZ3's multiplayer if anything. As gamers can currently or could get there hands on both.

As for which looks better who knows, I wouldn't like to be the judge I as would get hit by to many people and there console bias if I made a choice of either.

gamer20103739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

When games look this good I honestly don't think you can say definitively which game looks better. You might have your preference, but that is mostly going to come down to a preference for one art style over another.

Killzone 3 is very stylized and doesn't really look realistic in the strictest sense of the word. It does have great lighting and textures, but it's overall look has a lot to do with its art.

Crysis 2 goes for more of a real-world look. It also has great lighting, effects and textures.

You might prefer the look of one over the other, but unless you are talking about the PC version with it's obviously much higher resolution and anti-aliasing I don't think you can really say for sure which of the two console games looks better.

I think a lot of people confuse art with the more technical aspects of graphics. A lot of people are graphically drawn to certain games largely because of their art and they don't even realize it, they assume it's because the game is technically better when many times it is not.

jetlian3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

the textures of this game are way above uc3. And for the kz3 peeps just get shot a few times like at the 15 sec mark in this vid shows what kz looks like

within the next week somebody needs to do a comparasion. so tell both DF and LOT to get ready and add Bulletstorm to the mix

theonlylolking3739d ago

KZ3 takes the crown for best looking console FPS easily but I can see it going neck and neck against the PC version of crysis 2 since KZ3 looks better than crysis 1.

iamgoatman3739d ago

Keep dreaming buddy, KZ3 won't come close to the first Crysis let alone the 2nd, the consoles simply aren't powerful enough.

The console versions on the other hand will obviously be closer, and I'm sure we'll have hundreds of comparisons between the 2 when they both release, with the usual crowd claiming victory regardless of the outcome.

Ifone3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Desoerated fanboyz disagree with fact only lol, it's sad...(the first part is obvious, for the pc comparisond, will see)

[email protected], one of of the worst fanboy in denial here, they are always hoping for impossible things, and downplay ridiculously the real winners, can't hope to see a wii game on par xith best xbox games, even thr best one, and it's the same thing since the beginning with xbox and ps3, evrn if they are more similar than wii...stop tzlking about xartoonish unchzrted grzphics, lightning in kz, you obvioulsy don't know what you are talking zbout, even xbox sites and magazines knows that uncharted, killzone, gid of war, eyc can't have competition on xbox.

gamer20103739d ago

"Crysis 2 is clearly in the running for best looking console game out there this year. It's the atmosphere and lighting that really impress...levels are huge, with a ton of routes and traversal options...and the constant shifts between darkness and daylight in Skyline, the level included in this week's demo, is particularly striking."

From the videos I have seen I would have to agree with him, Crysis 2 is looking really good. It will definitely be one of the best looking games on consoles. I can't wait to see it maxed out on a good PC too.

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Counter Strike3740d ago

but i will stick to Reach and Mw2... waiting for Gears 3.

allyc4t3740d ago

I'll try out the demo, my hopes aren't too high.

3740d ago
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