GameXplain: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

GameXplain Says: "While the core of the game feels very reminiscent of modern war games, we were more intrigued by the Halo Reach-esque additions. For instance, you now have access to a pair of special abilities we can used at any time, so long as you have energy in reserve (which automatically replenishes). The two abilities I tried out were invisibility and shield. They both function pretty much as you would expect--invisible makes you harder to see while shield reduces damage taken, although at the expense of running speed. The jump height was also reminiscent of Halo, though a bit less floaty feeling. I particularly liked the ability to stomp others from above, even if this power proved to be almost entirely ineffectual--it still looked awesome."

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Can't wait for the game!

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"But to throw a grenade in Crysis 2, you first need to equip it by double-tapping Y, then actually throw it with the right-trigger."

I actually really like this feature. IDK why no one does it anymore. When will any normal person take out a grenade and throw it all in one second? Plus you cant chuck a nade at the ground right before you die unless your really skilled.

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