GamePlanet: Path of Exile Hands On

GP: The leafy West Auckland suburb is perhaps better known as a centre for conventional artistic impression - you're more likely to find quality ceramics in lieu of a burgeoning software industry. But if Kiwi studio Grinding Gear Games has anything to do with it, material creativity may soon be replaced with that of a digital nature.

Path of Exile is the Grinding Gear's first project, explains studio co-founder Chris Wilson. An online, free-to-play action RPG title, the game draws heavily on the techniques and systems central to such illustrious games as Diablo and Titan Quest. However, the team at Grinding Gear have tasked themselves with creating a more grim, more macabre product, opting for a wan palette, darker tones and an overwhelming sense of despair: “We’re working towards dismemberment,” adds Wilson cheerily.

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