Game Guys: Crysis 2 multiplayer hands-on preview

Barry White writes:
"When the single-player mode for EA's Crysis 2 was introduced at E3 last year, I walked away with fairly low expectations for the game. After some hands-on time with the game's multiplayer features last week, however, I'm beginning to change my tune."

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Tuxmask553355d ago

Looks like a game to put on my short list.

Kalipekona3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

It does look excellent. Here is a better video.

SpitFireAce853355d ago

Where is the love for the PC&PS3?

PS.I hope this don't turn into a BlackOps
fiasco because the devs decide screw the
PS3 lets focus on the $$$...:(

Kon3355d ago

Enough with Crysis2 articles

aviator1893355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Why? They're just hands-on articles. Makes sense seeing as how the multi-player demo is nearing release.

Shackdaddy8363355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Hell no. You dont have to click on them.

ManGastaS3355d ago

What about killzone articles?

yojoe263355d ago

I made a resolution that this year I would buy no more than 5 games total........uh...yeah. So this has turned out to be a terrible year for me to make that kind of a decision saying there are at LEAST 20 to 25 games that I would really like to get, crysis 2 of course being one of them. Dangit. Well if I have to choose between the shooters: Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Rage, Bulletstorm, and whatever else I'm leaving out I'm thinkin it might come down between Killzone 3 and Crysis 2. That is unless Resistance 3 really surprises me.

Shackdaddy8363355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

No one will look at you differently if you break it this year :)

P.S. you forgot brink, uncharted 3, and portal 2

jdktech20103355d ago

Yea I'm trying to only spend 120 bucks every 3 months.....thank goodness I have a bunch of amazon gift cards and I traded in Black Ops....that plan wouldn't be going near as well.

Heck of a year to try and cut back

jbiz3203355d ago

Damn you video game gods of 2011!!! ::Shakin my fist at the sky:: too many games that I want this year!

BigShotSmoov0073355d ago

Does anybody know if Diablo 3 coming out this year also, thats another game i'm lookin forward too.

iamgoatman3355d ago

It could, it could not. This is Blizzard though so your guess is as good as anybodies.

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