Examiner: Tron Xbox 360 Controller Review

Is PDP's Tron controller as good as Microsoft's 1st-party controllers or should Tron fans be the only ones to pick it up?

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mightyboot3731d ago

Ive seen better looking third party controlers.

sp1deynut3731d ago least the CONTROLLER got a decent review score. :o

Kon3731d ago

There is no problem for the controller to be wired. This makes him more responsive than the wireless controllers.

DelbertGrady3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I play with a wired controller cause it's lighter and I don't want to be bothered with recharging.

@r1sh12 - If they made the battery built-in, like on the DualShock3, you'd be forced to buy a brand new controller instead of just a battery once it got worn out.

r1sh123731d ago

ye I know what you mean....
Ive been using the wireless ones, but when I get hold of a wired one, you can see the difference in the games...
After 5 years the only thing MS have improved is the D pad, they charge a body part for it though...
My only concern is, since they sorted the stupid D pad issue...Why not remove the batter pack and make it in built?
That way the controller would be lighter and not have that massive bulge in the back....
Personally I like the Xbox controller but why havent they adapted to the times?

BlackTar1873731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Removed didnt add anything worth while so i deleted.

Game on.

lemmy213731d ago

I would just get the Razer onza instead!

NoBias3731d ago

True. I got mine preordered.