GamerNode: Stacking Preview

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "A game starring Russian stacking dolls sounds like a bizarre, absurd, and downright ludicrous idea at first. Old, outdated toys that haven't been in mainstream demand for nearly a century would not be anywhere near most people's top 50 ideas for the basis of a downloadable video game. But luckily the people over at Double Fine Productions don't think like you or me. And from what was shown of Stacking at THQ's Gamers Week, the game is going to be far from the aforementioned assumptions..."

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italianbreadman3735d ago

I'm very excited about this. Reminds me vaguely of Space Station Silicon Valley by DMA Design (Rockstar North), but with Schafer's touch, and what seems to be more open-ended gameplay options and adventure-like progression.