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For years now the Mass Effect universe has enraptured Xbox 360 and PC gamers everywhere, and finally Playstation 3 owners get their turn, unfortunately starting with the second game in a trilogy heavily dependent on the continuous flow of the plots. But fear not, PS3 owners, as Bioware and EA have come up with a clever solution of including a comic to cover the original game’s experience and major decisions, and some free DLC to make up for the wait. Does the package deliver on the expectations of eager PS3 owners everywhere?

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Spectator13731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

One of the best games of the gen - probably my 4th favourite. Buy it PS3 fans!

BeardedGamerShow3731d ago

Surprising comparison with the 360 version, glad I have it on 360.

blodulv3731d ago

I had both versions side by side and to be honest, I thought that the PS3 version was indeed a step above the 360 version.

Both in visuals and gameplay (I prefer the DS3 though). The PS3's colors definitely pop. The only difference is if you had saved the files from the first game on 360.

Blacktric3731d ago

"The only difference is if you had saved the files from the first game on 360."

And it's the most important one since it has the most impact on the story of both ME 2 and 3. PS3 users won't be able to meet the side characters of ME 1 in both second and third game which is just silly. Bioware needs to find a solution for this.

gamer20103731d ago

There is really no difference in the colors once you have both versions' brightness set the same.

As for the performance, Digital Foundry found basically the same thing as these guys.

"it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the original Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 has a performance advantage overall, especially during the exploration and combat sections."

"The PS3 game doesn't feel especially clearer or more vibrant, but there's a definite sense that it's rather more inconsistent than it was before, to the point where the lighting in the occasional scene just doesn't seem logical."

"With the final game in our possession, we see plenty more of this sort of tweaking, and while it does seem to be the case that specific artwork elements have been pared down, there is still the occasional piece of artwork with more detail than in the Xbox 360 version."

So there has been more paring down of the textures and art on the PS3 version, as can be seen in the following two screenshots:

They go on to say:
"From a technical perspective, if it is running the Mass Effect 3 engine as the developer suggests, players are not getting any tangible advantages over what has already been released on the Xbox 360."

"Technologically it still feels like the Xbox 360 version has the edge, but occasionally lower frame-rates and mostly unnoticeable graphical compromises on PS3 are not going to have much impact on the fun you have playing this game."

Kantor3731d ago

A brilliant game on PC, but the context of the original Mass Effect does help it greatly. I'm not surprised this has scored lower than the PC-360 versions.

Torillian3731d ago

actually surprised more review sites haven't had different scores for the different versions.

Ninver3731d ago

Hope this game is really good and not a victim of unwarranted hype.

naznatips3731d ago

It's really good. It may just be hard to see why people who played ME1 first love it so much if all you've played is ME2.

Active Reload3731d ago

Your concern is very understandable in my opinion. I don't think I've enjoyed a game that has been hyped to death before I played it. But if I've played a game that I've never heard of, and love it, I then join in with the rest of the hype, lol. Anyway, I hope you like it because I most certainly did.

FailOverHero3731d ago

I am not trolling when i say
i've been told the game is average at
best and was overhyped by the
media cause they were desperate for
a 360 game to score the same as
Uncharted 2. NOW! i plan on playing
the game but i hope i wasn't lied to
by the reviewers. #16
1d 23h ago by Dirty Beaver |
I'm looking forward to
playing it BUT! i hope the game is
actually good and not a victim of
overhyped media bias. Some say it's
very average and the media was
desperate to rate a 360 game as high
as Uncharted 2.
Hope i'm wrong else that's the last
360 cross over i'll be getting. I don't
like being lied to. #1.1
2d ago by Dirty Beaver |
We get it...just get the game already and play it

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