GamerNode: WWE All-Stars Hands-On Preview

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "The crowd is chanting my name in unison. I size up my opponent as his red-glowing body slowly rises from the mat. He notices too late that I am going for my finishing maneuver. I wrap him up in a hold and jump about ten feet in the air, flipping both myself and my foe multiple times in the process. We land on the mat with his upper shoulders slamming so hard that the ring shakes and ripples. The crowd goes wild. I do pushups on my fallen enemy's chest as the referee counts the three. This is the over-the-top, ridiculous, and extremely refreshing take on wrestling that comes with WWE All-Stars..."

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italianbreadman2822d ago

Definitely excited about this. I feel like since I've been out of the wrestling fan community, over-the-top is exactly what I need in a wrestling game.

BigManFanelli2822d ago

Ooh yeah! I can't wait to get back in the ring with the Macho Man! First match I do is Savage/Cena, no doubt.