Super Street Fighter IV: Steampunk Edition – Ryu Concept (Fan Art)

What would happen if Ryu lived in a world where he was born into a stylishly pimpin’ family, there was no hadou, and shoes were a mandatory fashion statement? Well, a warrior of the true path’s still gotta fight!

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MicrocutsX23736d ago

Damn. Really like the watercolor artstyle.

RahatR3736d ago

Yeah that's Patt's signature art style. Really love how he meticulously gets these done!

jaidek3736d ago

man, a fully steampunk fighter would be awesome. I can never get enough of that genre.

MicrocutsX23736d ago

Yeah its a pretty open market

thekillerchrist3735d ago

I would definitely be down for more steampunk games.

PattHpapong3736d ago

I wonder what they would call hadouken if there was no hadou... "Ken!" "Yes? Ow!"

junk3d3736d ago

Damn those gloves look awesome!

Bay3736d ago

Don't worry about it, Ryu's just gettin his game on.

Also those hadouken generating gloves are genius.

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