GamerNode: Rex Dickson Gives the Details on Homefront

On the final day of THQ's Gamers Week in New York City, the company went all out with its upcoming shooter, Homefront. GamerNode was on hand for access to the game's multiplayer and single-player modes. News Director Mike Murphy even got to sit down with Senior Level Designer Rex Dickson of the THQ-owned KAOS studios to talk about all things Homefront...

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italianbreadman3731d ago

This game is looking like its multiplayer is going to be pretty rad. Still not sure about the single-player.

tmurder3731d ago

Love the premise for this game, but I can't see it taking me away from Bad Company 2 or Halo.

trains3731d ago

u shouldnt eat coco pops they contain calories tut tut

jrbeerman113731d ago

I kinda feel bad for any new FPS IPs coming out this year. There is a TON of FPS and TPS out this year with some big named sequels. I admit this game has kind of flew under the radar for me.

I hope it is as good as they say, it definitely sounds like it has promise.