Important 3DS Questions That Nintendo Wouldn’t Answer For Us

KNF of RipTen: Despite Nintendo’s big 3DS information blowout last week, there are still many important unanswered questions about the device. If any of our readers know answers to any of these questions please let me know and I’ll remove them from the list! Additionally, if you have a few good questions – I might put them on this list!

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KingNintendoFanboy3732d ago

Good questions that need good answers.

CrzyFooL3732d ago

I got so excited about the 3DS I forgot about half that stuff in the article lolz.

jaredhart3732d ago

Dammit Nintendo...Answer the man's questions!!

thedudeftw3732d ago

That is cause Nintendo is hush hush,.

Kreyg3732d ago

Nintendo is always hush hush. It's the way to go when releasing new stuff.

Hitman07693732d ago

Crazy, but yeah I think Nintendo is playing their cards close to their chest on this.

CrzyFooL3732d ago

Yah, but these are BASIC questions that people should be able to know so they can make an EDUCATED purchase.

Welshy3731d ago

hmmm... alot of valid points in there that are pretty basic yet slipped my mind.

i quite fancy getting one but shelling out £200+ when all of the articles contents are yet to be answered makes me hesitant.

i hope they release proper details soon instead of specs because theres a potential customer on the fence here Nintendo, plus PSP2 is also on the horizon

lizard812883731d ago

i wonder, for GBC & GBA games, how will multiplayer work or won't it? also what about games like mario tennis for the GBC, will players be able to connect to the VC version of Mario tennis, or are those GBC unlockables forever locked?

KingNintendoFanboy3731d ago

There is no AGB currently for the 3DS Virtual Console. Only Game Boy and Game Boy Color.