Team Fortress 2 is better on 360

Examiner - "It is commonly accepted as fact that Team Fortress 2 plays better on PC than it does on console. It has more players, better servers, and is supported by Valve with continual updates. With this in mind, I recently decided to purchase Team Fortress 2 on Steam even though I already owned it on Xbox 360. TF2 is one of my favorite games this generation and it was on sale for just $5 on New Year's Eve. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for just how different the game was on PC."

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Static-X3735d ago

'Despite these benefits, the PC version of Team Fortress 2 is still inferior to its outdated 360 counterpart.'

lol wut?

Optical_Matrix3735d ago


despair3735d ago

Just read the comments below this guy's article, one guy clearly points out how he is wrong :)

Xander7563735d ago

And others point out how they agree. What exactly is your point?

despair3735d ago


Really because I just read every comment on the site(and there are more now than when I first posted) and the only one who seems to try and counter what were very logical points and counters to your selective opinion piece by the posters was you, the author, and you failed at that. Oh and the idiot who posted a vid link.

Even in an opinion piece skewering the facts to slant in your favor just shows immaturity and pettiness and people pointed that out. When you decide to stir up something with bullshit people will call you on it.

Megaton3734d ago

Xander deleted a lot of the negative comments as well.

Mista T3735d ago

what a joke. Valve has zero support for the xbox version. not to mention there are far more players on the pc version than on the xbox version.

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