Has Nintendo really blown its Wii 2 strategy?‎

Pachter thinks that Nintendo has blown it. But has it?

British games industry analyst, Nick Gibson clearly doesn't think so, telling TechRadar:

"A two-console strategy is perfectly feasible (as Sony have proved for the last decade) but requires a sufficient perceived value and price difference between the two consoles, a broadly separate set of core demographic and geographic targets for each console, and, arguably, sufficient competitive pressure to launch a new console."

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ApocalypseShadow3732d ago

nintendo hasn't blown it.they have a major following and added a new group of followers.and maybe,the ones that stopped playing because they thought they were too old to have fun...came back.

if we are talking hardware,then yes.....they have limited options.making their successor in any way similar to ps3 would have no chance of selling as fast as the wii has.especially if the price is high and in a volatile,uneasy market.people are still recovering from recession.but...

3D,bluray,an actual online network,better motion controls,high end graphics,hard drive? would be just another version of ps3.and since wii gamers don't seem to care or see a difference in graphics,what would be the push to get it if the ps3 ends up being lower in price and has the same abilities?

sony making the ps3 adaptable,configurable,upgrade able,left it capable of meeting the needs of gamers and countering any additions that competitors make for a decade.or new console releases.that's why sony put everything in the box.

but franchises and marketing may sway some to get it if it comes.but they won't rush out to get it.and nintendo seems to be fine with OCEANS of portable game cash.

matey3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Its basically been confirmed that wii2 will use Marvel Armadas quad core cpu which is 3 times the power of ps3 and the rumoured Fusion apu is like 5-10 times the power of ps3 and both chips are going in wii2 most prob so talking of ps3 having powerful hardware maybe 2 years ago but now with Fusion apu u get direct x 11.1 graphics that pisses on ps3 in fact the cpu from marvell can render Unchartered 4 times in 1080p with better graphics ur talking about nintendo like they have always made there hardware moderate the wii is the first time in history they went moderate against the competition and it was to maximise sales and profit now they succeded as u can see with the 3ds they are going back to expensive cutting edge tech and that will follow with wii2 using Fusion apu/Marvel armada quad core plus metroid creator said not in terms of controls but the wii will leave ur jaw on the floor

ChickeyCantor3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Marvels Armadas quad core cpu is more aimed at embedded system. Which usually go for smaller components in small( smart phones) to larger machines.
And 1 Ghz is only 300 mhz higher than the Wii's current CPU. I think they can go up a notch or 3gigs

Im more betting on the chip from IBM 16-core which runs at 1.6 GHz with legacy code ( allowing for Wii games and GCN games).

Venox20083731d ago

but I still believe, when Wii2 will appear, it will raise bar in gaming again.. :) (can't wait new mario & metroid prime on Wii2) :)
It is good for us, Wii owners, that Nintendo don't release new console, I want more and more games on first Wii and I know there'll be.. If you read news before Rockstar, Capcom have a few unnanounced projects for Wii, then one of my favourite DS games makes an appearance on Wii RHYTH HEAVEN (TENGOKU)!!! and maybe something more (god only knows).. I don't want Wii2, because Wii is enough for about 2 years more :)

jimbone793731d ago

Man I just got a Wii, I know a little late to the party, but with all the games just released and on the way I thought it was time. I've had more fun gaming on the Wii the last few days than I've had in a long time. The NSMB, Twilight Princess, MG, and the rest are just plain fun. I don't know if it's just the nostalgia, but it makes me feel like a kid again, and I can't wait for the new Zelda. Oh, yea and The Last Story.

thief3731d ago

1. The wii crowd always claimed its about "gameplay, not graphics" so how will they persuade the wii owners, 90% of whom never switch on their consoles in the first place, to upgrade.
2. The wii has an awful network, every single exclusive is a copy paste of 10-year old franchises, and no third party support. Why would any gamer buy it?

dalehitchy3731d ago

i think with the wii they gained alot of new fans (obvious from sales) but lost alot of there long time fans. Im not speaking for everyone but nintendo used to be my fav company..... then they bought out the wii....i wouldnt say im a hardcore gamer but i wouldnt say im casual either... more of in the middle... and thats what nintendo used to be for me.

i know the ps2 had alot of shovelware but they always had top hitters aswell.....the charts were always dominated by them. the wii has shovelware thats usually in the charts... shitty dancing games and deal or no neal...... no deal!

gamecube was one of my fav consoles previous gen..... smash bros melee, starfox adventures, mario sunshine, resident evil 4, zelda wind waker (actually think its one of the best in the series once you get into it)

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