Neocrisis: Total War: Shogun 2 Interview

Neocrisis: We had the pleasure of getting a few questions answered by Craig Laycock, Community Manager at Creative Assembly.

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fatalred alarm3732d ago

They should bring back Rome total war, the absulute king of the total war series.

But i got to admit, this looks pretty good.
But then again, when does something in the total war series look anything less fun?

Bolts3732d ago

Great points. I have never seen a game in the TW series that I do not want, and yes Rome should've been a priority.

TANUKI3732d ago

Oh, Rome is definitely coming back.... it'd be stupid if they didn't.

Of course, we'll probably see an expansion for Shogun 2 first.
I'm thinking, they should do the period where Japan invades Korea.

sonicsidewinder3732d ago

I'd love a Korean expansion. I wanna see their Turtle Warships!

TANUKI3732d ago

@ sonic

Oh man, that would be too awesome!