The last year of the PSP brand?

Isaiah Taylor writes: The position Sony's rumored PSP2 and PlayStation Phone is similar to the last stand at the battle of the Alamo in 1836. Everyone wants these handhelds to hold their ground in their perspective markets, but how many of us are expecting them to win the hearts of the general consumer?

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velocitygamer2828d ago

I remember when the PSP came out, everyone at my school got it, it was like a must have gadget. I'm not sure if the PSP2 will have the same effect.

LaxMan9862828d ago

It depends on features...

Close_Second2828d ago

Let's not forget price. You put in most of the rumoured features and it will be priced like an IPhone. Question is, if its priced like an IPhone which one appeals to the mass market more?

ForzaGT2828d ago

but the playstation brand is too strong for the PSP2 loose the appeal in any way

Man In Black2828d ago

Lol at all the doom articles.

Keith Olbermann2828d ago

Another gloom and doom article. As if the psp did not sell. Look...the DS sold the best by a large margin but there is room for psp2. Trust me, adults like me cant be seen playing a DS. I tried and it just looks strange. "hey kid, want to trade pokemons?" Cmon. Sony always makes devices that look like something an adult could handle. I know its a bit shallow but hey...

Kamikaze1352828d ago

I'm sure...also, almost every cool gadget released had that effect on me, but I was younger, they were a mystery because I didn't have a computer then, and couldn't afford it so maybe that's why it seemed so amazing, lol.

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CrescentFang2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) Trilogy is what I'm waiting for this year.
Thanks XSEED :)

Link not working?

ugo2828d ago

another gloom article must i remind u psp has sold 65 million hardware,
and it is still selling today,the fact its not selling well in us, dosent mean it flopped

Apocalypse Shadow2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


supposedly selling that many portables when all other have failed in a nintendo owned portable iron grip is bad.

but NOT knowing what the sequel will be but claiming it will fail is good.

love these articles and mods failure to stop them.

wingman32x2828d ago

It goes both ways. The same can be said about all the people saying the PSP2 will thrash the 3DS despite knowing little more than rumors.

People on both sides are guilty.

neogeo2828d ago

I love my DS and PSP. For some weird reason my psp feels more outdated then my DS. Even though I know thats backwards.

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