Rumour: Just Cause XBLA/PSN title on the way

A recent job listing from Avalanche Studios may reveal the developer to be working on a downloadable instalment to the Just Cause franchise.

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Stunt3732d ago

I wouldn't mind. Just Cause 2 was a great game. So long as it's cheap. =)

mjolliffe3732d ago

It's got huge potential if the pricing is right. This could be the bee's bollocks if it turns out true.

TreMillz3732d ago

i need to start playing just cause 2 again picked it up last month but black ops 2k11 and now ME2 AND soon MvC3+KZ3 will take up to much time

Yi-Long3732d ago

... but you can already pick up Just Cause 2 right now for about 10-15 bucks when you shop around, so unless the XBLA/PSN version is a big improvement, I would just get the retail-game JC2 instead.

lochdoun3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Where can you get it for $10-15???
I just bought it 2 days ago and cheapest I could find in-stock (including online) was $30 used.

Yi-Long3732d ago

... had it a short time ago for 14 euros, but it's even been as low as 7 euro on their site.

I also believe had it for around 10 bucks a few weeks ago, but not sure.

xX TriiCKy Xx3732d ago

I got it for $20 brand new from Gamestop a couple days ago.

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showtimefolks3732d ago

mercenary 1 was great
JC2 was great

not combine the 2 and we get greatness.

even though i had more fun with JC1 and had a great time with mercenary 2

i would love to see an open world game like mercenary 1 and JC 2 to combine and see what we get

SpaceSquirrel3732d ago

Just Cause 2 was very underrated

kevco333732d ago

It;s an interesting proposition at least...

sp1deynut3732d ago co-op, pleeeeeeeassse be co-op!!! 0_0

El_Colombiano3732d ago

I couldn't imagine how it would be. The world is. Massive.

OllieBoy3732d ago

Just Cause 2 was my GOTY, so...

Do it, Avalanche!

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The story is too old to be commented.