TGS 2007: Rumble Confirmed

IGN reports: "Big shocker at today's Electronic Arts pre Tokyo Game Show press event. While playing a demo of Burnout Paradise, we felt something that we never thought we'd feel from a PS3 controller -- shake!

That's right, Burnout Paradise is the first rumble-equipped PS3 game we've ever played. Which made us think at the time, if the game is making the controller shake, the controller must be a new version of the Sixaxis!

In fact, the controller we were using to play the demo looked exactly like a standard Sixaxis, except that it had a sticker on the bottom that said "RUMBLE." It also felt notably heavier than the standard Sixaxis."

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Violater5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

Great news!!!
Lets hope we get official news from Sony soon as to when I will get to buy it.
Ohhhhhhh sweet rumbly rumbly buzz buzzzzzzzzz

Now patch my Motorstorm , RFOM, Warhawk and Heavenly Sword please.
Also Folklore is going to be so much cooler feeling the tug when I snatch their souls.

tehcellownu5185d ago

Damn right its goin to be so sweet!!! lol..burnout using sixaxis and rumble awesome!!

Monchichi0255185d ago

Look at all the Sony fanboys getting excited over something that is "Last Gen!" Rumble is something 360 and Wii owners have had out the box.

And funny how Sony fans critisize the 360 for giving consumers the option to upgrade when Sony is now FORCING all the early adopters to have to buy brand new controls. And those things aren't cheap!!!

Sony screws you again...And you guys like it! LOL

Danielson5185d ago

Ah yes and we all know that Microsoft doesn't screw anyone :P

QuackPot5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

At the idiots who keep bringing up the Old Gen reference.

Rumble is old gen technology but is now a standard staple used in most controllers. Sony couldn't use it due to its law suit. But still rumble is OLD GEN.

Six-axis and motion control are NEXT GEN technology. When the PS4 comes out in 6-7 years then this technology will become OLD GEN but still be used as standard in the controllers.

Now do you understand ignorant fanboys.

Again, LMAO

Skynetone5185d ago

After playing for a few mounths i really didnt miss it until i diownloaded the dirt demo

racing games really suck without feed-back

ARog345185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

Wow, do you even realize how wrong your comment is???

For one, Quackpot is right, the new rumble for the PS3 can't be quoted as RUMBLE... It will be a lot better, probably the TouchSense they've been talking about for the past months. It won't be the normal rumble found in the 360 or wii, but it will force shockage to different parts of the controller...

This is something the PS3 has needed and here we gooo... Exactly what I wanted, REAL Different SHOCKNESS mixed with the Sixaxis.

Sony isn't screwing us unless only having to buy another one which is ok by us owners...


EDIT: Yes, in the article it does say it felt like the PS2 rumble, but I'm sure they're working on it and setting up a newer controller to be finally shown at TGS.

WIIIS15184d ago

Lol! SHOCKNESS with sixaxis? What they're gonna run a current through you? Geez, call a spade a spade. Its rumble, that thing that Sony execs said was lastgen and was allegedly incompatible with half-baked motion sensing.

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THC CELL5185d ago

i cant wait to hear the keynote maybe there is more than rumble

zerolinkgannon5185d ago

Not only that but what if a random fan shouts "I thought rumble was last gen" it'll be funny to hear how they would reply to it.

bung tickler5185d ago

that would be great... but they would simply say "our rumble has the sony name on it so it is 2134187554382 times better than those other guys..." and the tools will eat it up.

scheme_a5185d ago

they can just say "because we got enourmous response from our customers... we will have the rumble function back"! or something like that.

I personally didn't miss rumble, but if they have it, then yeah, that's great.

Arkham5185d ago

"Rumble" might be last gen, but word on the street is that this rumble should be incorporating the newer "TouchSense" technology. Positional rumble is one aspect of the newer rumble tech.

So yeah, it's an improvement over last gen if this pans out.

InMyOpinion5185d ago

Or they could say "Sixaxis starts to rumble when we say so!"

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Genki5185d ago

Why am I not surprised...rumble is just...rumble. At least we can all be happy. I'll turn it off just like I used to, and those that missed can bask in their rumble Nirvana.


Torch5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

My current Sixaxis serves me just swell, thank you very much.

What I find more important than Rumblemania itself, is that Sony has finally been wholeheartedly and consistently responding to consumer demands.

Good on them!

(Now, a healthy serving of native Divx/Xvid and region-free NTSC/PAL playback is all that's required to put me in my console nirvana.) ;)

EZCheez5185d ago

I can't even imagine how much quicker the controllers will die once they have rumble. I'm happy with charging mine once a week.

Especially if it IS the same old rumble.

Kleptic5185d ago

all the rumors from before had a much longer last battery in them...that has been the delay since the lawsuit ended...the price of a higher capacity battery...

it was on the Sony blog a while ago...the rumble sixaxis would not be released until they could get the same 30 hours of life, with a similar price...My guess is these will be 60 instead of 50 at release, but the standard sixaxis will plummet in price...

either way...I don't really care...I have 2 sixaxis controller right now...need 2 more for Warhawk, so I guess I will wait and get 2 rumble controllers...I honestly don't miss the lack of rumble now though...only thing I ever liked about it was some of the funnier stuff games like MGS would do with it...the pyscho mantis fight in the original where he "moves the controler with the power of my mind"...that was so corny and funny at the same time...if they do stuff like that it will be worth it...

Arkham5185d ago

Regarding the comment about the similarity between rumble controllers: I think what's currently at the TGS might just be a basic prototype based on "last-gen" rumble (hence the tacked-on "Rumble" sticker), and that the production version with TouchSense will be different.

Who knows? There's yet to be an official announcement regarding any ShockAxis, SixSense, ShoXis-sorta thing.

A few more hours and we should know.

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sonarus5185d ago

well i jst hope it gets released ASAP and games release updates to include rumble shouldnt be that hard not like ps3 has that many games anyway.

Microsoft Knight5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

Sony said rumble was last gen big pack of lies they are

hella whip5185d ago

Just like Microsoft said HDMI wasn't needed, Turns out sometimes companies use something called "Spin".

paul_war5185d ago

Arn't you meant to be 'TheMart 2, you missed out 'The'.

They are all comming out of the woodwork now!!

VaeVictus5185d ago

Your lame commnts are certainly last gen. If you'd read some more, you'd see they are working on a new kind of rumble. Whether or not they are able to do it is another thing. If you dislike Sony so much, why bother entering the threads? B/c you are troll w/ nothing to offer but idiot fanboy comments.

khellendros15185d ago

Or could they just be complying with consumer demand? I personally don't care about rumble. It's overrated. I don't miss it and I won't get one unless I need a new controller and these are the only ones available.

nix5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

dude, rumble IS last gen.

but TouchSense rumble IS next gen. q:

Violater5185d ago

at least the real mart knew how to spell.
Your weak troll attempt was just pathetic.

tehcellownu5185d ago

this is next gen need to get mad that sony is giving their fans what they want..

WAR_MACHINE775185d ago

What does it matter if they said rumble is last gen. people wanted it, so they just gave it to them. It really isn't any different than the 360 with HDMI. I think its a good thing that MS and Sony are paying attention to what we want.

Barreldragon005185d ago

So Sony thought rumble was last gen their mistake. you buy a new controller (if you want) 50 bucks ok. I really don't notice it gone.

Microsoft thought HDMI wasn't needed to get HDMI you need to get the new ones that have it 250-450 bucks.
Microsoft also thought that a working console was last gen. so you buy a new console with the Falcon chip (i think thats what its called) another 250-450 bucks.

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